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BING ZHU Last modified date:2021.07.03

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Academic Degree
Ph.D. (Nagoya University)
Field of Specialization
Cognitive-functional Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics
Research Interests
  • I'm mainly working on the semantic and functional changes of Chinese modal expressions from cognitive-functional and typological perspectives.
    keyword : grammaticalization, Chinese, modality, construction grammar, discourse marker, insubordination
Academic Activities
1. ZHU Bing, HORIE Kaoru, The development of the Chinese scalar additive coordinators derived from prohibitives: A constructionist perspective, In Hancil, S., T. Breban and J. V. Lozano (Eds.), New Trends on Grammaticalization and Language Change, Amsterdam: John Benjamins,, 361-380, 2018.12.
1. ZHU Bing, HORIE Kaoru, Diffusional change of the Chinese scalar additive construction derived from prohibitives, The 23rd International Conference on Historical Linguistics, 2017.08.
2. ZHU Bing, HORIE Kaoru, From deontic modal to necessity conditional marker: The development of textual function in the Chinese deontic modal bìxū’, The 14th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, 2017.07.
Membership in Academic Society
  • International Pragmatics Association
  • International Cognitive Linguistics Association