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Yasuhiro Ishitsuka Last modified date:2024.04.09

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Academic Degree
PhD(Science)(Kyoto University)
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Field of Specialization
Arithmetic invariant theory, Diophantine geometry
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Research Interests
  • Arithmetic invariant theory of exponential sums
    keyword : Arithmetic invariant theory, explicit arithmetic geometry
Academic Activities
1. 石塚 裕大, A positive proportion of cubic curves over Q admit linear determinantal representations, Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, 32, 3, 231-257, 2017.09.
2. Yasuhiro Ishitsuka, Tetsushi Ito, Tatsuya Ohshita, Explicit calculation of the mod 4 Galois representation associated with the Fermat quartic, International Journal of Number Theory, 10.1142/s1793042120500451, 16, 04, 881-905, 2020.05, We use explicit methods to study the [Formula: see text]-torsion points on the Jacobian variety of the Fermat quartic. With the aid of computer algebra systems, we explicitly give a basis of the group of [Formula: see text]-torsion points. We calculate the Galois action, and show that the image of the mod [Formula: see text] Galois representation is isomorphic to the dihedral group of order [Formula: see text]. As applications, we calculate the Mordell–Weil group of the Jacobian variety of the Fermat quartic over each subfield of the [Formula: see text]th cyclotomic field. We determine all of the points on the Fermat quartic defined over quadratic extensions of the [Formula: see text]th cyclotomic field. Thus, we complete Faddeev’s work in 1960..