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Suzuki Atsushi Last modified date:2023.11.22

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Education Research
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Basing on Niklas Luhmann's social systems theory, my research focuses on (1) educational practice as a systemic interaction between individuals, (2) the relationship between the functional systems of society (economy, politics, welfare, etc.) and the education system, and (3) the development process of education sciences/pedagogy and their subfields when viewed as a system. On educational practice, I am particularly interested in moral education and classroom management.

In my thesis seminars and graduate school education, I welcome not only students from the Faculty of Education at Kyushu University, also students from other universities and faculties, and school teachers, as long as they are interested in (1) the interrelationship between education and various functional systems of society (economy, politics, welfare, etc.), (2) the history of education sciences/pedagogy, or (3) various topics related to school education (moral education, classroom management, subject education, etc.).

I also welcome pedagogical research using German, so please contact me if you would like to engage in research related to Germany and Japan, or if you would like to conduct research on education or society using German (including those who have not previously specialised in pedagogy).

I also provide information on graduate school admission. If you are interested in studying at the Department of Education of the Graduate School of Human Environment, Kyushu University, please send an email to this address "inshikouhou.ku.ed" followed by
Research Interests
  • Research on the Communication of Japan and Germany on Education
    keyword : Communication of Japan and Germany on Education
  • Research on School Education from the view of Social Systems Theory (Moral Education, Classroom Management, Competency of Teachers)
    keyword : Social Systems Theory,School Education,Moral Education,Classroom Management,Competency of Teachers
  • Research on the History and Development of the Japanese Education Studies as an Academic Discipline
    keyword : Japanese Education Studies as an Academic Discipline
Academic Activities
1. Rezension von: Ritzi, Ch.,Wiegmann, U.(Hrsg.): Beobachten/ Messen/ Experimentieren. Beiträge zur Geschichte der empirischen Pädagogik/ Erziehungs- wissenschaft. Bad Heilbrunn 2010..
2. Rezension von: Impekoven, Holger: Die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung und das Ausländerstudium in Deutschland 1925-1945, Von der „geräuschlosen Propaganda“ zur Ausbildung der „geistigen Wehr“ des „Neuen Europa“. Göttingen: Bonn University. Press bei V&R u.
3. Reflection on the Discipline `Education Studies' and its Sub-disciplines : Changes in the Names of Chairs for Education Studies at National Research Universities in Japan after World War II and the Names and Establishment Processes of Academic Societies Relating to Education Studies
This paper attempts to visualize the changes in the names of chairs for education studies at postwar Japanese national research universities and to identify academic societies relating to education studies. Through this process, we will clarify the uncertainty of the disciplines of "education studies" and "academic societies OF education studies," which many researchers consider to be self-evident premise, and create a common foundation for next discussions..
1. Reconsidering the Relationship between Pedagogy as a Scientific System and Educational Practice: From the Discussion on the Process of Fragmentation of Disciplines and the Plurality of Observations in Luhmann's Theory of Science.
2. The limits of Contrasting "Direct Experience" and "Indirect Experience" and the Process of Collaborative Composition of Ideas among Systems: A Perspective from N. Luhmann's Theory on Learning.
3. Study on the Function of the Class from the Perspective of Niklas Luhmann : The Possibilities for Replacement of Face-to-Face School Education with Non-Face-to-Face Lessons.
4. Study on Moral Education in the Diversified Society from the Perspective of N. Luhmann.
5. On the Process of Agreement in the Didactic Method for Moral Education Based on the Concept of Communicative Action of J. Habermas
本稿ではJ.ハーバーマスのコミュニケーション的行為の構想に基づく道徳授業方法に備わる限界と可能性の検討を行った。彼の理論に基づくならば,討議(Diskurs)において目指される合意が可能となるためには,前提としていくつかの条件が満たされている必要がある。しかし,これらの条件が満たされるというのはあくまでも先取りとしての想定においてに過ぎない。N.ルーマンはハーバーマスの構想を批判し,討議においては参加者間の力が対等たりえないこと,それゆえ彼らがコミュニケーション的合理性にはたどり着き得ないことを主張する。ルーマンに基づくならば(ハーバーマスの主張とは異なり),討議においては論理的優越性を備えた討議参加者こそが勝利を収めるのである。ルーマンの批判により,我々はコミュニケーション的行為の構想に基づく道徳授業方法の修正の道を見出すことが可能となるが,この修正によってこそ同授業方法はその可能性を再獲得することが可能となるのである。In this paper, the limits and possibilities of the didactic method for moral education based on the concept of communicative action of J.Habermas were examined. According to his theory, agreement presupposes some conditions; however, the fulfillment of these conditions can be only supposed in advance. N.Luhmann criticized his discourse concept and said that the power of participants cannot be equal in the discourse and therefore they cannot reach a state of communicative rationality. According to Luhmann, the participant who possesses superiority in logic can win in a discourse. His criticism of the communicative rationality leads us to a revised version of the didactic method for moral education based on the concept of communicative action. With this revision, the didactic method can reacquire the possibility for carrying out moral education..
6. Wissenstransfer durch staatliche Stipendiaten in Japan vor 1920. Ihre ambivalente Auseinandersetzung mit der deutschen Erziehungswissenschaft..
7. Wiederentdeckung der deutschen Debatte über die „Grenzen der Erziehung“ in den 1920er Jahren und Siegfried Bernfelds Beitrag.
8. Die Entstehung des deutschen Sozialstaats und die Veränderung der Sozialpädagogik. Anhand der Theorie von H. Nohl und S. Bernfeld über die Jugendfürsorge [in Japanese].
Membership in Academic Society
  • National Association for the Study of Educational Methods