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Research Interests
  • My research focuses on the history of ideas, especially the mythology of ancient Japan and its function in Japan’s cultural memory, including its utilization in modern nation-building and in justifying colonial rule. More broadly, I am interested in the intercultural transfer of ideas (especially within the Sinosphere), questions of identity formation (perceptions of self and other), the history of Japanese-Korean relations (especially Japanese perceptions of Korea), and the history of Shintō (especially early modern Confucian Shintō).
    keyword : history of ideas, mythology and its reception, history of Japanese-Korean relations, history of Shinto, cultural memory
Academic Activities
1. David Weiss, The God Susanoo and Korea in Japan's Cultural Memory: Ancient Myths and Modern Empire, London: Bloomsbury, 2022.01, [URL].
1. David Weiss, Book Review: Religion, Power, and the Rise of Shinto in Early Modern Japan, eds. Stefan Köck, Brigitte Pickl-Kolaczia, and Bernhard Scheid (Bloomsbury, 2021), OAG Notizen 12/2021, 2021.12.
1. David Weiss, Slaying the Serpent: Comparative Mythological Perspectives on Susanoo's Dragon Fight, Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University,, 3, 1-20, 2018.03.
1. David Weiss, Changing Topographies of the Alien: The Shift from ikai to ikoku in Depicting Spaces Outside Japan in Medieval Mythology, 16th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies, 2021.08.
2. David Weiss, Blurring Identities: Susanoo and the Ideological Incorporation of Koreans into the Japanese Family State, Third EAJS Conference in Japan, 2019.09.
3. David Weiss, Competing Claims to Centrality: Chosŏn, Japan, and the Central Flowering, 29th Association for Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE) Conference, 2019.04.
4. David Weiss, 神国の境界:スサノオと日鮮同祖論, 第2 回国際ワークショップ「諸〈国⺠⽂化〉―国際的⽂脈における⽇独の視点」, 2019.03.
5. David Weiss, Wu Taibo: A Confucian Japanese Founding Myth, Twelfth Annual International Conference on Comparative Mythology, 2018.06.