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KAWASUMI Tetsuya Last modified date:2023.10.05

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Field of Specialization
Chinese dialectology Contact linguistics
Research Interests
  • Language Contact in Qinghai Province, PRC
    keyword : Language Contact Chinese Dialect Monguor Amdo-Tibetan
Academic Activities
1. Tetsuya KAWASUMI, A Phonological Sketch of the Datong Dialect, Qinghai Province, 『現代中国語研究』, 22, 25-38, 2020.10.
2. Tetsuya KAWASUMI, Typology of Language Changes of Chinese Induced by Contacts with Tibetan, 『松山大学論集』, 30, 5-2, 1-13, 2018.12.
3. Tetsuya, KAWASUMI, A Comparison of the Sound Systems of Standard Chinese and Xining Dialect: Are There Phonetic Influences of non-Sinitic languages upon Xining Dialect? , 『福岡大学人文論叢』, 46, 1, 149-171, 2014.06.