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Tsurugano Shinobu Last modified date:2024.05.16

Professor / Center for Health Sciences and Couseling
Counseling and Health Center

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Academic Degree
M.D, Ph.D
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Field of Specialization
Internal Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, Public Health
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Research Interests
  • Diversified Employment and WorkStyle Research Team, Japan Society for
    Occupational Health, Tokyo, Japan

    Occupational Health Epidemiology Research.
    Research on the impact of employment and work diversification on workers' health.
    Research on the health status of non-regular workforce (e.g., temporary workers, part-time work, contract workers).
    keyword : Workers, employment diversification, health effects, mental health, non-regular employment
Academic Activities
  • 第90回日本産業衛生学会優秀演題賞
  • 日本産業衛生学会優秀論文賞
Professional and Outreach Activities
In January 2010, the Tokyo Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health sponsored a TB survey and health survey among former temporary workers (New Year's Eve Dispatch Village).
In 2012, a symposium for the public was held to present the health situation of non-regular workers in Japan as revealed by analysis of official statistical data..