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Hiroaki Ohishi Last modified date:2023.09.28

Assistant Professor / Department of Gene Expression Dynamics
Medical Research Center for High Depth Omics
Medical Institute of Bioregulation

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regulation of transcription dynamics
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Outline Activities
Multilevel spatial omics analysis using fluorescence imaging is a revolutionary technique that allows multiple molecular species to be observed at the single molecule level in the same cell. In order to increase the versatility of this technology, we are working to improve the detection sensitivity using several techniques. We will continue to analyze life phenomena in the nucleus on a finer and larger scale. We are also developing a technology to simultaneously visualize transcription and loci of specific genes with relative ease in living cells, and by combining this with genome editing technology, we are working to elucidate the mechanism of transcriptional dynamic regulation by higher-order genome structure.
Research Interests
  • We are aiming to elucidate the transcriptional dynamics control of genes in order to understand the intricate mechanisms involved in gene transcription within the nuclear microenvironment. Transcriptional regulation is influenced by multiple factors such as higher-order genomic structures, transcription factors, and transcriptional co-regulators. Given the dynamic nature of transcription, unraveling the detailed control mechanisms holds great potential for understanding the regulation of gene expression in various contexts, including human diseases. To achieve this, we are conducting research on transcriptional dynamics control using live-cell imaging of specific regions within cells and multi-scale spatial omics approaches.
    keyword : live imaging
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