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Ikegami Keisuke Last modified date:2023.11.17

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Agricultural Science
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Bachelor Master Doctor
Field of Specialization
Chronobiology, animal physiology
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Outline Activities
     Many organisms living on the Earth have a circadian clock with about 24-hour period, allowing important physiological functions to adapt to ambient light-dark cycle. A master clock in the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) governs peripheral rhythms via hormonal and neural pathways. Furthermore, this clock is also important for seasonal responses by photoperiodic time measurement. Understanding these mechanisms will not only contribute animal reproduction and health, but also lead to breakthroughs in solving various issues facing modern society.
   Currently, we are using mice, cells, and BIG data to understand glaucoma, which has the highest rate of blindness by using medical, behavioral, molecular biological, histological, physiological, functional, and data science techniques. We aim to elucidate the molecular mechanism underlying diurnal rhythm of intraocular pressure (inner eye pressure), and the relationship with lifestyle.
    In addition, melatonin in the pineal gland, known as a sleep hormone, is known to be important in the circadian regulation and seasonal responses. However, its effects on other physiological functions remains uncovered. Furthermore, although pineal humoral factors other than melatonin are also synthesized, their functions also remain unclear. Therefore, we are trying to elucidate the physiological regulation of the pineal gland on the circadian clock, behavior, mood, and perceptual functions.

Research Interests
  • Understanding of molecular mechanisms on circadian intraocular pressure rhythm
    keyword : IOP, glaucoma, circadian rhythm, glucocorticoids, sympathetic noradrenaline, ciliary body, trabecular meshwork, aqueous humor
  • Mechanisms of Life style on glaucoma development
    keyword : life style, sleep, feeding, exacise, stress, IOP, glaucoma, season
  • Pathway research of time signals regulating circadian intraocular pressure rhythm.
    keyword : glucocorticoids, sympathetic nerve system, noradrenaline, SCG, adrenal gland, IOP, circadian rhythm, mice, Per2lucKI, cBmal1KO
  • Effects of St8sia2 and its flanking region's IGF1 gene on murine development.
    keyword : St8sia2, sialic acid, IGF1, brain, lethal, embryo, development, flanking region, C57BL/6 mice
  • Regulatory mechanisms of pineal gland on circadian physiological functions
    keyword : pineal gland, melatonin, circadian rhythm, suprachismatic nucleous, free-running period, jet-lag, negative-masking, retina, Opn4
  • Regulatory mechanisms of pineal humoral factors on mood in mice
    keyword : pineal gland, melatonin, mice, autism, ASD, hyper activity, spcial interaction, brain development
  • Circadian yawning rhythm in rat
    keyword : yawning, rat, diurnal changes, siesta
  • Molecular mechanisms of photoperiodic time-measurement in vertebrates
    keyword : photoperiodism, seasonal reproduction, circadian clock, day-length, TSH, mice, quail
  • Glycans on TSH give dual physiological functions
    keyword : Thyroid stimulating hormone, spring hormone, pars tuberalis, thyroid gland, sialic acid, IgG albumine, season
  • Exploring of seasonal calender in fish brain
    keyword : saccus vasculosus, pituitary gland, photoreceptor, TSH, Dio2, gonadal development
  • Effects of insuin on hepatic circadian rhythm regulation.
    keyword : circadian clock genes, cell culture, phase, insulin, liver, rat
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Society for Research on Biological Rhythms
  • European Biological Rhythms Society
  • Young Investigator Award
Educational Activities
In undergraduate education, I am in charge of animal physiology and animal husbandry biological control, and provide guidance on basic principles related to animal physiology and the knowledge and practical skills necessary for husbandry management. In the undergraduate international course, we share lectures on Animal and Marine Life Science and provide education on molecular biology, including practical exercises. In graduate school education, I am in charge of special lectures on biological control systems and seminars on biological control systems, and provide guidance to deepen understanding and application of advanced biological systems.