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Satoshi Watanabe Last modified date:2024.06.03

Associate Professor / Basic Structures of Human Societies
Department of Environmental Changes
Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

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I am conducting research on the hydrological cycle and the relationship between the hydrological cycle and human society and biodiversity. In particular, I am interested in elucidating the effects of climate change and other natural environmental changes, as well as socioeconomic changes such as population decline in Japan, on the water cycle, human society, and biodiversity. Because issues related to the water cycle span both the natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences, I am working to implement an interdisciplinary approach to solving these issues.

At the graduate school, I provide classes and research supervision with the goal of acquiring the ability to analyze the hydrological cycle and the relationship between the hydrological cycle and society by integrating knowledge from various related fields based on hydrology. I emphasize practical issues based on specific research problems in the field, in addition to classroom lectures.
Research Interests
  • Integrated Sciences for Sustainable Human-Aqua Environment
    keyword : Water circulation system, fluctuation, water uses, sustainable human-aqua environment
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Education is provided on issues related to the water cycle in East Asia and Japan. I provide education on analytical methods for the relationship between water cycle and society.
Professional and Outreach Activities
The research activities and results are continuously presented at symposiums and public lectures..