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Norihiro Hanihara Last modified date:2024.04.19

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematical Science)
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Field of Specialization
Ring theory, Representation theory
Outline Activities
My research subject is representation theory of algebras. Given a ring (like a quiver or a commutative ring), its representation theory is about the study of categories (primarily the module category) and various related structures. I am particularly interested in homological structures appearing in Cohen-Macaulay representation theory of finite dimensional algebras or of commutative Gorenstein rings. I am mainly studying tilting theory linking their representation theories and also the theory of cluster tilting objects (or non-commutative resolutions) for these rings, through triangulated categories like derived categories, singularity categories, and cluster categories, and their enhancements by differential graded categories.
Research Interests
  • Calabi-Yau structures on differential graded categories
    keyword : dg category, Calabi-Yau structure, singularity category, cluster category
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Mathematical Society of Japan