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FUKUDA SUSUMU Last modified date:2020.10.05

Executive Vice President(Senior Vice President) / Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Trustee(Vice President)

Graduate School
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Dean of the School of Agriculture
Dean of the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture

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The food distribution laboratory based on terms of distribution economics, marketing theory and information economics. We target distribution and market problems in a wide range of food industry. Research and education topics are summarized as follows. ① analysis of mechanism for contract transaction in food distribution, ②Institutional analysis for food security and reliability in food distribution system, ③Analysis of function and organization in food distribution, and ④Analysis of marketing strategy in food production area we are conducting education and research in .
Academic Degree
Ph. Dr.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Food marketing , Agricultural economics
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
1)Research on marketing strategy of agricultural products and regional branding strategy
2)Research of consumer buying behavior of rice
3)Research on the farm contracter organisation
4)Research on transaction of food market
5)research on the export of Japanese agricultural products to East-West Asia
6)Research on the policy impact of restructure of Paddy field agriculture
Research Interests
  • A economic and managerial study on the condition of construction of Japanese beef industry based on domestic feed using rice field
    keyword : domestic feed supply and demand system, Selective conjoint analysis, Consumer sensual survey, demand-supply model of rice, demand-supply model of beef
  • Empirical research on contracts farming and the value chain of agricultural products in Southeast Asia
    keyword : contract fariming, value chain of agricultural products
  • The condition of livestock industry depending regional feed resource
    keyword : Recycling resource, Domestic produced feed, Feed Contracter, TMR center
  • A study on the reginal branding
    keyword : Branding, Marketing startegy, Agricultural product of high value added
  • The progress on diversification of farm manegement and its condition
    keyword : diversification of farm management, marketing function, food manifucture, allience of agriculture and other indsutry
  • Study on the conditions of transaction, the contract process and the analysis of the needs with the diversification of the food export
    keyword : marketing, producer behavior for export,product differrentiation, reduction of transportation cost, development of circulation technic
  • Analysis on the Contract Transaction Mechanism of food by Information Economics and Game theory
    keyword : Game theory, Information economics, Contract transaction , Relational marketing
  • An Analysis of the export possibility and its deployment condition in the Asia market of domestic agricultural products
    keyword : An export marketing strategy, Product differentiation, Market segmentation, Marketing mix
    2007.04~2013.03The export actual condition in the Asia market of a domestic agricultural products especially vegetables and fruits in Fukuoka is solved from the viewpoint of marketing. The problem in export is extracted on it. Especially, economical efficiency of freshness maintenance technical development in a physical distribution side is clarified, and the possibility of low cost transportation is explored. .
  • Research about establishment of the safety and reliability reservation of food
    keyword : Objective probability, Subjective probability, Traceability system, Reliability, Safety
    2001.04~2013.03This research clarifies ①the difference of a system which gives relief and reliance to the consumer and a objective safety reservation system of food.② The construction of a food circulation system which can establish reliability is aimed at. .
  • Research about construction of a resources circulation type agricultural system
    keyword : resources circulation ,contracter, Cooperation with crop sector and livestock sector
  • A study on the Market research of Rice
    keyword : Segmentation of consumer market, Targeting, relationship marketing
    2004.11~2010.03Market research of Rice in FUKUOKA Prefecture.
  • Marketing system reform and the marketing strategy of rice

    keyword : Contract transaction, Cooperative marketing
    2002.04~2010.03The revise of marketing institution of rice and marketing strategy.
Current and Past Project
  • In dealings of rice, the dealings in the rice price formation center which is an open market decrease remarkably, and the direct contract dealings with a producer organization, and a wholesaler and an actual-demand person are increasing.
    While this factor is clarified, the subject of contract dealings is analyzed using game theory.
  • Research on the rice marketing strategy of Japanese agricultural cooperative and restructure of farm management of rice field
Academic Activities
1. Role of main farmers and effective land utilization in rice-wheet cropping area.
2. Function of information under the agricultural market.
1. Hnin Yu Lwin, Susumu FUKUDA, Satoshi KAI, Rice Production and Distribution System in Myanmar, Framing Japan Vol.39 NO.6, 2005.06.
2. Aye Chan Myae, Susumu FUKUDA, Satoshi KAI, Vegitable Distribution System in Myanmar and Future Tasks for Developing the Marketing System, Framing Japan Vol.39, 2005.03.
1. The Rice Reform Strategy of Growing Districts in Kyushu.
2. 福田晋, TMR供給組織による資源循環型酪農の構築, 畜産の情報, 第182号、PP22-29, 2004.12.
1. Safety and Liliability of Production and Marketing of Livestock Products .
2. Global Livestock problem and The Possibility Libestock Industry in Japan.
3.  Efficiency and Stability of Grass silage marketing sysytem.
Educational Activities
2008 fiscal year -- marketing-science , food circulation information economics , agribusiness industries organization study exercise, and this special research 1st ,2nd
Moreover, by the agribusiness industries organization study exercise, the seminar which met a graduate student's research subject is carried out.
The 2008 fiscal year, it is taking charge of marketing science admission, food circulation economics, and a food marketing theory.explained
The foundation of food circulation and food marketing is explained in marketing science admission and game theory admission, studying the foundation of circulation information economics analysis and catching the feature of food production and circulation by food circulation economics and the food marketing theory.
By adopting the method of making a presentation performing to a student, it came to participate in a lesson actively.
Moreover, by actually inspecting circulation institution and the spot of a circulation organization, and studying them, it is devising so that understanding may deepen much more.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2009.10, Study in Faculty of Agriculture assure The Envirenment, Food Safety, Human Health.
  • 2009.04, In the Miyazaki Omiya high school, the delivery lecture "the food supply and demand in the world and agriculture of Japan" is performed.
    In JA Fukuoka central meeting educational center, I acts as the lecturer of a farming planner lecture, andhave class of an "agricultural-products circulation theory."
  • 2007.07,
    I carried out the delivery lecture by the theme of "present agriculture and a future view" in the Miyazaki prefectural Omiya high school.It continues from 2005.