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List of Reports
FUKUDA SUSUMU Last modified dateļ¼š2020.10.05

Executive Vice President(Senior Vice President) / Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics / Trustee(Vice President)

1. Hnin Yu Lwin, Susumu FUKUDA, Satoshi KAI, Rice Production and Distribution System in Myanmar, Framing Japan Vol.39 NO.6, 2005.06.
2. Aye Chan Myae, Susumu FUKUDA, Satoshi KAI, Vegitable Distribution System in Myanmar and Future Tasks for Developing the Marketing System, Framing Japan Vol.39, 2005.03.
3. A study on the direct sellig of Agricultural Cooperative in FUKUOKA Prefecture.
4. Intoroduction of cooperative utilization of agricultural machine under the farm manegement system.
5. The effect of "The direct payment institution in mountanious area" and its problem in Aso area..
6. A Study on the effective utilization of country-elevater under the changing period of rice policy.