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Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University .
Academic Degree
Master of Business administration
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Entrepreneurship,New Business Creation,Management strategy,
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I have the experience of supporting a technology-based start-ups in the industrial section. By the experience and a human netwaork,I do the experimental study on start-ups in Japan, educate by the combination of the theory and the business, and am acting as advisers of the venture activation policies such as government related agencies and local governments. In 2010, Kyushu University founded the Robert T. Haung Entrepreneurship Center(QREC), which is the first entrepreneurship education center in the Japanese Universities. Then,I have investigated the role-model for the advanced entrepreneurship education programs in U.S.A and Europe, I have designed the whole of QREC education programs by adapting the advanced model that I investigated to the environment of the university.
Research Interests
  • Entrepreneurship Education and the Linkage process between Entrepreneurial Intention and Behevior
    keyword : Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurial Intention, Entrepreneurial Behavior
  • Entrepreneurial process. Especially, discovery and evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunity
    keyword : opportunity discovery, opportunity identify
  • study for the growth model and management of technology-based start-ups
    keyword : technology-based start-ups, growth of firms
    2003.04I do an empirical research on the growth pattern of a technical start-up enterprise. The research consists of three step. At the first step, the growing firm is extracted from data. Increasing sales and the employee of the stage extraction enterprise is plotted at the second step and the growth patterns are compared. The management of a technology-based start-ups that grows up is analyzed by analyzing the factor that the difference of the growth pattern is caused at the third step..
Academic Activities
1. Author ;Noriko Taji, Emiko Tsuyuki, Tomoyo Kazumi,Haruomi Shindo, Shingo Igarashi, High-Tech Startup Management Strategies:Case Studies and Issues in Japan, 2010.12.
1. One Example of Promoting Entrepreneurship for the Regional Economy;Entrepreneurship was fosterd by the Morioka Factory of Alps Electric Cp.,Ltd..
2. Shingo IGARASHI, Noriko TAJI, "How Could we Encourage Start-ups? : The Cases at Iwate Prefecture in Japan", Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 2011, Babson College, Accept, 2011.12.
3. Shingo IGARASHI, A Pilot Study for a Growth Process of High-Tech Start-Ups: A Case Study of Access Corp. from the Aspect of Resource Accumulation, Asia Pacific Jornal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vol.3,No.1,pp.7-26, 2009.05.
4. Business CASE;Raytex Inc,The Growth Process of High-Tech Start-up..
5. Trend of Start-ups in Japan..
1. Shingo IGARASHI, "Practical education programs in Kyushu University ~ How could we teach “serendipity” in entrepreneurship education programs?", 2021 California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference, 2021.04, [URL].
2. Entrepreneurship Education Today and Future: The Entrepreneurship Education Program by QREC.
3. A trial study about the Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Entrepreneurial process in Japan
-A Quantitative Approach for the Entrepreneurial Opportunity and the Entrepreneurial Decision of Software-start ups.-
4. Growth process and management of technology-based start-ups; the case study of ACCESS,Co.Ltd.
5. Growth process and management of technology-based start-ups..
6. The Growth model of Japanese high-tech start-ups.
7. Growth process and management of technology-based start-ups..
8. The Growth model of Japanese high-tech start-ups.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Academic Association for Organizational Science
  • International Council for Small Business
  • Strategic Management Society
  • The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management
  • The Japan Academic Society of Venture and Entrepreneurs
Educational Activities
The Robert T Huang Entrepreneurship Center at Kyushu University(QREC) is the center of university-wide "entrepreneurship education" at Kyushu University. QREC provides systematic and step-by-step education programs that integrates undergraduate and graduate studies across all faculties and majors. I am the main faculty member of QREC, and I am in charge of designing the entire education as a person in charge of academic affairs. On the other hand, we are conducting education related to theory, application, and practice. I am also in charge of education at a business school (QBS) and gives lectures with consideration for practice. From April 2022, the "Design x Business x Entrepreneurship Collaboration Program (DBEX)" was established as a new master's course in collaboration with the three departments of the Faculty of Arts and Engineering, QBS, and QREC. Contribution from the aspect of entrepreneurship in terms of quality improvement
Professional and Outreach Activities
I try to suport "Innovation activation in Japan" and "Economic in Kyushu activation".
I think that "Industry−Academia-Goverment Collaboration" and "Entrepreneurialship training" are