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Shingo IGARASHI Last modified date:2022.07.26

Professor / Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University

1. One Example of Promoting Entrepreneurship for the Regional Economy;Entrepreneurship was fosterd by the Morioka Factory of Alps Electric Cp.,Ltd..
2. Shingo IGARASHI, Noriko TAJI, "How Could we Encourage Start-ups? : The Cases at Iwate Prefecture in Japan", Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 2011, Babson College, Accept, 2011.12.
3. Shingo IGARASHI, A Pilot Study for a Growth Process of High-Tech Start-Ups: A Case Study of Access Corp. from the Aspect of Resource Accumulation, Asia Pacific Jornal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vol.3,No.1,pp.7-26, 2009.05.
4. Business CASE;Raytex Inc,The Growth Process of High-Tech Start-up..
5. Trend of Start-ups in Japan..