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Hirofumi Amano Last modified date:2021.08.03

Associate Professor / Section of Advanced Computational Science / Research Institute for Information Technology

1. Hirofumi Amano, Yuki Dohi, Hiromune Ikeda, An Approach to Safe Off-Site Backup Utilizing Secret Sharing Scheme and Storage Virtualization, IIAI International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies 2013 (IIAI AIT 2013), 2013.11, This paper makes a proposal for a safe and versatile off-site backup system based on secret sharing scheme and storage virtualization. This approach can save important data even after a disaster which destroys the primary data and some of its backup data. It also prevents a secret from leaking to others. The design of the prototype based on the (3, 5)-threshold secret sharing scheme and iSCSI is described, and preliminary experiment is reported..
2. Development of an Off-Site Backup System with Secret Sharing Scheme.
3. Implementation of NAREGI Installer based on a Hierarchical Design of Grid Management.