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List of Presentations
Masahiko Morihira Last modified date:2020.05.20

Professor / Korean History / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. Two Materials on Firearm of Korea in the 14th Century.
2. The Ruling class of Goreo and the Age of Mongol.
3. The Introduction of the Zhu Xi school of Neo-Confucianism into Korea and the relationship with Yuan.
4. Preliminary Study on Publication of Hoeheonsilgi.
5. The Koryo Royal House and Dai-〓n Yeke Mongγol Ulus(〓はoウムライト).
6. Morihira, Masaiko: The Fazhi Document of the Yuan Period Preserved at Songgwangsa, the Academic Confernce for Research in Buddhism Document Preserved at Songgwangsa, April 2004.
7. Morihira, Masahiko: A Mission Send by Koryo to Yuan in 1273 as Seen in Binwangnok, Kyushushigakkai, December 2003..
8. Morihira, Masahiko: The Mongolian Post System in Koryo: Focusing on Its Routs, Society for Study in Korean History, March 2003..
9. Morihira, Masaiko: Problems Regarding the Fazhi Document Preserved at Songgwangsa, the Academic Confernce for Research in Tibetan Document Preserved at Songgwangsa, August 2001..
10. Morihira, Masahiko: Ke〓ig System of the Yuan Empire and the Royal House of Koryo: The Significance of the Tur※a※ System in the Relationship between Koryo and Yuan(〓はsにチェック。※はガンマ), The Organization of Korean Historians, June 2000..
11. Morihira, Masahiko: A Fundamental Study of Gao-li Wang Wei-xia: The Koryo Royal House as One Part of Dai-〓n Yeke Mong※ol Ulus(〓はoにウムラウト。※はガンマ), Society for Study in Korean History, October 1997..
12. Morihira, Masahiko: The Formation of The Imperial Son-in-law King of Koryo, The Academic Association of Koreanology in Japan, October 1997..
13. Morihira, Masahiko: The Political Background of The Granted Land Problem in the Latter Period of Koryo, Society for Study in Korean History, July 1995.