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Masahiko Morihira Last modified date:2020.05.20

Professor / Korean History / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. The Choice of Envoy Ship Routes between Koryŏ and Song, and the Background
2. Yi Saek’s Two Travelling Routes to the Yuan Empire: Inland Transportation between Goryeo and Dadou during the Mongol Period.
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4. Notes on the Mertial Relations between the Royal House of Goryeo and the Mongol Imperial Family.
5. A Preliminary Study on the Publication of Hoeheonsilgi.
6. Introduction of the Zhu Xi School of Neo-Confucianism into Goryeo and Relationship with Yuan, Part 1: A Review of An-Hyang's Contribution.
7. The Embassy from the Koryo Dynasty to the Yuan Empire in Zhiyuan 10 (1273) as Seen from the Binwangnok, The Journal of Oriental Researches, Vol.LXIII, No.2, 2004..
8. Morihira, Masahiko: The Mongolian Post System in the Koryo Dynasty: Focusing on Routes, The Shien, No.141, 2004.
9. Morihira, Masahiko: Dai-〓n Ulus and Buddhism in Koryo: In Relation to the Appearance of the Fazhi Document Preserved at Songgwangsa(〓はoにウムラウト), Inner Asian Studies, No.17, 2002..
10. Nakamura, Jun & Masahiko Morihira: A Tibetan Document of The Y〓an period Preserved in the Korean Temple Song-gwang-sa(〓はuにウムラウト), Inner Asian Studies, No.17, 2002..
11. Morihira, Masaiko: Problems Regarding the Fazhi Document Preserved at Songgwangsa, Journal of Bojo Jinul's Thought, Vol.17, 2002..
12. Morihira, Masahiko: Ke〓ig System of the Yuan Empire and the Royal House of Koryo: The Significance of the Tur※a※ System in the Relationship between Koryo and Yuan(〓はsにチェック。※はガンマ), Shigaku=Zasshi, Vol.CX, No.2, 2001..
13. Morihira, Masahiko: A Fundamental Study of Gao-li Wang Wei-xia: The Koryo Royal House as One Part of Dai-〓n Yeke Mong※ol Ulus(〓はoにウムラウト。※はガンマ), Bulletin of Society for Study in Korean History, No.36, 1998..
14. Morihira, Masahiko: The Formation of The Imperial Son-in-law King of Koryo: Preliminary Study on The Status of the King of Koryo in Dai 〓n Yeke Mong※ol Ulus(〓はOにウムラウト。※はガンマ), The Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko, Vol.79, No.4, 1998..
15. Morihira, Masahiko: The Policy Arguments about the Granted Land, Sagupchon, in the Latter Period of the Koryo Dynasty: Its Arising Background as Seen in the Political Situation in the Early 14th Century, Journal of the Academic Association of Koreanology in Japan, No.160. 1996..