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shigehiro ohdo Last modified date:2022.08.14

Professor / Clinical Pharmacy / Department of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences / Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

1. Eriguchi, M., Cornelissen, G., Halberg, F., Hisa, T., Ohdo, S., Otsuka, K., Takeda, Y., Yanagie, H. , Chronobiology in cancer therapies. In About Cancer in Africa. Edited by Adama, LY and David, KHAYAT. , Institute National Cancer, Paris France, 623-652, 2006.12.
2. 大戸茂弘、吉山友二、熊谷雄治., 時間薬理学. 臨床薬理学(日本臨床薬理学会 編), 医学書院, 478-486, 2003.04.