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List of Presentations
Akio Onjo Last modified date:2024.04.19

Professor / Geography / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. ONJO Akio, On the ideas of ocean and land in the works of Paul Vidal de la Blache, IGU Thematic Conference 'The Ocean and Seas in Geographical Thought', 2023.06.
2. ONJO Akio, Social Relations as Urban Infrastructure: Cholera Disease and Urban Society in Modern Japan, 8th International Conference of Critical Geography, 2019.04.
3. ONJO Akio, Renkichi Kodera: Evolution, Anarchism, and Social Geography, IGU 2018 Quebec Regional Conference, 2018.08.
4. ONJO Akio, After the Excitement of War: The Situation of Sick and Wounded Soldiers in Japanese Modern Society, 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology, 2017.07.
5. ONJO Akio, The Politics of Human Excreta ―Urbanization and Metabolic Rift in Japan during 1920―, 8th East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography, 2016.12.
6. "Japanese Geopolitics" and Komaki Saneshige, Onjo Akio, The Human Geographical Society of Japan.
7. ONJO Akio, Sanitation, Modernity and Subject ―Contradictory Prosesses of Introduction of New System in Modern Japan―, 33rd International Geographical Congress, 2016.08.
8. The 1913 Riots in Shimonoseki City, Onjo Akio, The Human Geographical Society of Japan.
9. ONJO Akio, Eating Rice ―Body Politics in Modern Japanese City―, IGU 2013 Kyoto Regional Conference, 2013.08.
10. Street stalls and Hawkers in Urban Space, Fukuoka Prefecture 1910-1930..
11. Social Contribution of Japanese Human Geographers..
12. Urban social movement in Modern Japan..
13. Urban structure and development strategies in Kitakyushu City..
14. How have the French Geographers studied 'Society'?.
15. On the representation of urban underclass in modern Japan..
16. On the recent trands of spatial scale reserach.
17. Akio Onjo, The Struggles on the Street: Hawking in Modern Japan, 5th International Conference of Critical Geographer, 2007.12.
18. Transformations of urban society in Japan with reference to local neighborhood organizations during 1920s.
19. Akio Onjo, Local festival and the construction of local community in contemporary Japan, 5th East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography, 2008.12.