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List of Books
Akio Onjo Last modified date:2024.04.19

Professor / Geography / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. Schelhaas, B., Ferretti, F. Novaes, A.R., Schmidt di Friedberg, M. eds. Onjo Akio, Shimazu Toshiyuki et al., Decolonising and Internationalising Geography- Essays on the History of Contested Science (After the Excitement of War 'Disabled Veterans' in Modern Japanの章を執筆), Springer, 2020.07.
2. Akio Onjo ed., Power Relations, Situated Practices, and the Polotics of the Commons.
Japanese Contributions to the History of Geographical Thought (11)
, Institute of Geography, Kyushu University, pp.92, 2017.03.
3. Social geography of space (Modernity and space).
4. Perspective on space (Spatial scales and social practices).
5. History of Fukuoka Prefecture, Modern Period.
6. Kyushu, reading the map (Three Myths of Fukuoka City).
7. From Space to Place.