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List of Presentations
Yoshiaki NAKAJIMA Last modified date:2021.06.14

Associate Professor / Department of Asian History / Department of History / Faculty of Humanities

1. Gakusho NAKAJIMA, “War and Trade: Katou Kiyomasa's Luzon Trade and Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Maritime Trade Policy during the Korea War”, AAS-in-Asia Conference 2016, 2016.06.
2. Nakajima Gakusho, “The Folangji bring folangji: Smuggling Trade and Transmission of Western Style Firearms in Maritime East Asia in the 1540’s ”
, The 8th International Convention of Asia Scholars, 2013.06.
3. Nakajima Gakusho, “Smugglers and Firearms: Transmission of Western Style Firearms in the Dawn of the “Age of the Commerce” ”
, The Challenges of Global History in Maritime Studies: Trade, Network and Mediation in East Asia, 2012.11.
4. Nakajima Gakusho, “Another Altan Khan in Maritime Asia?: The Toyotomi Regime in the Transformation of East Asian Trade Order”
, Association for Asian Studies 2012 Annual Meeting, 2012.03.
5. Nakajima Gakusho, Controversies Concerning the Revival of Sino-Japanese Tributary Trade during the Japanese Invasion of Korea, ,” Workshop on Empires and Networks: Maritime Asian Experience 9th to 19th Centuries,, 2011.02.