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List of Papers
Takeshi Shizunaga Last modified date:2021.06.04

Professor / Chinense Literature / Department of Language and Literature / Faculty of Humanities

1. Takeshi Shizunaga, Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Visit to Fukuoka and the History of China-Japan Academic Cooperation at Kyushu University, JOURNAL OF ASIAN HUMANITIES AT KYUSHU UNIVERSITY, Vol.2, 2017.03.
2. A Study of Bai Juyi's "Xin-yue-fu"No.28 Mu-dan-fang.
/Bulletin of literature on Middle Tang Dynasty No.10.2003.
3. A Bibliographical Study on Baishi-wenji : A Partial Hand written Copy of Volume66 Held by Tokyo National Museum.
/Bulletin of Sinological Society of Japan No.55 2003.