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List of Presentations
Junya Suehiro Last modified date:2019.07.04

Professor / Applied Energy Engineering / Department of Electrical Engineering / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. Nisarut Phansiri, "Daichi Maenosono, Takumi Furumoto, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Hidefumi Sato, Necessary Sensitivity of CF4 Gas Sensor for Gas Insulated Switchgear Diagnosis, 平成31年電気学会全国大会, 2019.03.
2. Zhenhao Ding, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, DNA detection method based on the microbead velocity under traveling wave dielectrophoresis, 12th International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices (Biodevices 2019), 2019.02.
3. Itsuki Myojo, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Tadahiko Iwaya, Yasuuki Ishida, Electric field-induced alignment of thermal conductivity filler in acrylic polymer for enhanced thermal conductivity, 18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM18), 2018.06.
4. Hiroki Hayashi, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Detection of Acetylene Dissolved in Insulation Oil Using Pt-decorated ZnO Gas Sensor, IEEE TENCON 2016, 2016.11.
5. Yoshihiko Obana, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Breakup of Carbon Nanotube Aggregates under High Electric Field and its Application to Nanocomposite Film, IEEE TENCON 2016, 2016.11.
6. Shota Inoue, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Dielectrophoretic Modification of Carbon Nanotube with ZnO Nanoparticles for NO2 Gas Sensing, IEEE TENCON 2016, 2016.11.
7. Michihiko Nakano, Tatsuro Yamasaki, Zhenhao Ding, Junya Suehiro, Advances in DNA detection method based on microbeads dielectrophoresis, Dielectrophoersis 2016, 2016.07.
8. Z.H. Ding, H. Kasahara, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Quantitative bacterial detection using rapid DNA detection method based on microbeads dielectrophoresis, Biosensors 2016, 2016.05.
9. Michihiko Nakano, H. Kasahara, Z.H. Ding, Junya Suehiro, Effects of DNA length on dielectrophoresis of DNA-labeled microbeads: Crossover frequency and zeta potential, Biosensors 2016, 2016.05.
10. Michihiko Nakano, Hiromichi Kasahara, Zhenhao Ding, Junya Suehiro, Sensitive and Quantitative DNA Detection by Beads-based Dielectrophoretic Impedance Measurement, IEEE SENSORS 2015, 2015.11.
11. Michihiko Nakano, Z. Ding, H. Kasahara, Junya Suehiro, DNA Detection Using Microbeads-Based Dielectrophoretic Impedance Measurement, IEEE Sensors 2014, 2014.11.
12. Michihiko Nakano, H. Kasahara, Z. Ding, Junya Suehiro, Selective Detection of DNA with Different Length Using Microbeads-Based Dielectrophoresis and Impedance Measurement, MicroTAS 2014, 2014.10.
13. Michihiko Nakano, Zhenhao Ding, Hiromichi Kasahara, Ryoji Obara, Junya Suehiro, Rapid DNA Detection by Microbead based Dielectrophoretic Impedance Measurement with Modified Voltage Waveform, 15th IUMRS-ICA, 2014.08.
14. Shinya Murasaki, Hiroki Komure, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Characterization of a Hydrogen Gas Sensor Using Pt-decorated Carbon Nanotubes by Electrodeposition, 15th IUMRS-ICA, 2014.08.
15. Z. Ding, H. Kasahara, R. Obara, Y. Inoue, Michihiko Nakano, Junya Suehiro, Dielectrophoretic characteristics of DNA-labeled microbeads with various ratios of DNA to microbeads, Dielectrophoresis 2014, 2014.07.
16. Junya Suehiro, Application of dielectrophoresis to bio and chemical sensors, International workshop on dielctrophoresis and its applications, 2013.04.