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Masataka Iwakuma Last modified date:2019.06.27

Professor / Applied Energy Engineering / Department of Electrical Engineering / Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

1. M. Iwakuma, Feature Articles: The Forum on Superconductivity Technology Trends
- The past, Current and Future for Low AC Loss Technology in Superconducting Wires
, Superconductivity Web21, 2011.11, [URL].
2. H. Hata, H. Kamijo, H. Fujimoto, K. Nagashima, K. Ikeda, M. Iwakuma, K. Funaki, H. Yamada, Y. Sanuki, A. Tomioka, K. Uwamori and S. Yoshida, Development of A Superconducting Transformer for Rolling Stock, Quarterly Report of Railway Technical Research Institute, 2006.02.