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List of Presentations
Satoshi Nakazatomi Last modified date:2021.10.22

Professor / Intercultural Studies / Department of Multicultural Society / Faculty of Languages and Cultures

1. On Free Indirect Style in Chinese.
2. A Bibliographical Study on Qingpingshantang's Stories Possessed by Naikaku Bunko Library, [URL].
3. Lyrical Voice in Classical Chinese: Narration and Style of Yuli Hun.
4. The Making of Sixty Stories: A Bibliographical and Linguistic Approach.
5. Inventing the "Inner World,": A Stylistic Approach.
6. Representing the Inner World: Modes of Quoted Thought in Traditional Chinese Narratives.
7. Rethinking the Baowentang Catalogue's Reference to Qingpingshantang's Sixty Stories.
8. Politics of Theories in the Discipline of Chinese Literature.
9. Narration of Classical Chinese in Late-Qing and Early-Republican Era.
10. Lyrical Voice in Classical Chinese: Narration and Free Indirect Style in Yuli Hun.