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Akira Harata Last modified date:2021.11.27

Professor / Materials Engineering Sciences / Department of Internationalization and Future Conception / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. Akira Harata, Miki Sato, and Toshio Ishioka, “Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter: Recent Advances, Applications, and Interfaces”, eds. Yoshihiko Hatano, Yosuke Katsumura, and Asokendu Mozumder, CRC press, “Ionization of Solute Molecules at the Liquid Water Surface, Interfaces, and Self-Assembled Systems”, Chapter 17, pp. 445-472, 2010.11.
2. Akira Harata, Nano Biophotonics: Science and Technology, Handai Nanophotonics, Vol. 3, Elsevier BV, 分担執筆“Enhanced photothermal spectroscopy for observing chemical reactions in biological cells”, 2007.03.