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Yoshiaki Furuya Last modified date:2019.12.20

Professor / Cultural Dynamics / Department of Cultural Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Yoshiaki Furuya, Inheriting the Prehistoric Past, Artistically: Two Case Studies, IUAES 2014, 2014.05.
2. The Pottery and the Folk Culture in Brazilian Amazonia.
3. The Pottery in the Amazon.
4. The Pottery in Amazonia: Between Archaeology and Globalization.
5. Neo-Marajoara: Modernism of Amazonian Prehistoric Pottery.
6. Cultural Continuity through Relay: Pottery making in the Hopi and the Marajo Island. .
7. Negotiating Tradition and Modernity in Amazonian Pottery.
8. Japanese Anthropologists and Brazilian Anthropology.
9. The possibility of the Space of Art: Practice of Translation and Negotiation.