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List of Reports
Yoshiaki Furuya Last modified date:2019.12.20

Professor / Cultural Dynamics / Department of Cultural Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. FURUYA Yoshiaki, Presentation of the Absent: Ruins, Theaters, and Masks, 船橋飛ノ台史跡公園博物館, 2019.12.
2. The Contemporary period / Art / Jomon: Putting the Jomon Contemporary Exhibitions in Perspective.
3. Yoshiaki Furuya, Two-dimensional Plane, Three-dimensional Objects and Non-materialized Image, 2016.02, Review Essay on the 15th Jomon Contemporary exhibition in Funabashi.
4. Yoshiaki Furuya, Moving Lines engender Life / Complicated Forms are generated by Logic - The Jomon Contemporary Exhibition in Funabashi, 2014, Jomon Works, Contemporary Works, 2014.09, A review of the Jomon Contemporary Exhibition in Funabashi 2014 (The Funabashi City Historic Site Museum).
5. Yoshiaki FURUYA, The Second Life of Jomon Earthenware, 船橋市飛ノ台史跡公園博物館, 2011.09.
6. Preface: Anthropology in the Vicinity of "Art".