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List of Presentations
UEHARA Katsuto Last modified date:2024.06.03

Assistant Professor / Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research / Research Institute for Applied Mechanics

1. Ishiwa, T., Yokoyama, Y., Obrochta, S., Uehara, K., Okuno, J., Ikehara, M., Miyairi, Y., Characteristic of radiocarbon dates in response to sea-level changes in the Bonaparte Gulf, Northwestern Australia, JpGU Meeting 2021, 2021.06.
2. The spatial distribution of Japan Sea SST warming trend, JpGU Meeting 2021.
3. The relationship between Kuroshio meander and observed tidal-regime shift along southern coast of Japan, JpGU Meeting 2021.
4. Wind-wave changes in Tokyo Bay during the Holocene: impact of sea-level change and land configuration.
5. On the decreasing trend of M2 tidal amplitudes in NW Kyushu region, H. Matsuura et al., JOS fall assembly.
6. Decadal tidal changes observed in Osaka Bay, central Japan, T. Kamura et al., JOS fall assembly.
7. Decreasing trend of M2 tidal amplitude in NW Kyushu region, H. Matsuura et al., JpGU 2020 meeting.
8. Uehara, K., Numerical estimation of Holocene paleowave changes in an estuarine environment: case of Tokyo Bay, central Japan, JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020, 2020.05.
9. Application of tidal correction to bathymetric data of marginal seas, K. Uehara, JpGU 2020 meeting.
10. Katsuto Uehara, Tidal changes at Asian deltas in response to future sea-level rise, JpGU 2019 meeting, 2019.05.
11. T. Ishiwa, Y. Yokoyama, J. Okuno, S. Obrochta, K. Uehara, M. Ikehara, Y. Miyairi, A sea-level plateau during Marine Isotope Stage 2 evidenced by the Bonaparte Gulf sediments, northwestern Australia, and glacial isostatic adjustment modeling, EGU General Assembly 2019, 2019.04.
12. K. Uehara, Tidal changes in relation to Holocene sea-level rise, KIGAM Foreign experts seminar, 2018.11.
13. K. Uehara, Tidal modulation on the extent of saltwater intrusion into the Mekong River, southern Vietnam, JpGU Meeting 2018, 2018.05.
14. K. Uehara, Y. Saito, M. Gugliotta, V.L. Nguyen, T.K.O. Ta, A. Tanaka, T. Tamura, Intrusion of tides and saline water in the Mekong River Delta, Southern Vietnam, The 3rd ASQUA Conference 2017, 2017.09.
15. K. Uehara, Y. Saito, Response of tides to the Holocene sea-level rise in Tokyo Bay estimated from a numerical model, The 3rd ASQUA Conference 2017, 2017.09.
16. K. Uehara, Tidal and seasonal water-level variability in the Mekong River delta in Vietnam, JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017, 2017.05.
17. T. Ishiwa, Y. Yokoyama, J. Okuno, K. Uehara, M. Ikehara, S. Obracta, Marine Isotope Stage 2 sea-level records deduced from sediment cores in the Bonaparte Gulf and glacial isostatic adjustment model, JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017, 2017.05.
18. K. Uehara, Impact of sea-level change on tides and tidal currents around the Sunda Shelf estimated from a numerical model, Second International Workshop on Scientific Drilling in the Sunda Shelf, 2016.07.
19. K. Uehara, Y. Saito, Holocene tidal changes around the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam, JpGU Meeting 2016, 2016.05.
20. Uehara, K., Saito, Y., Holocene tidal changes around the Mekong River Delta, southern Vietnam, 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2016.02.
21. Uehara, K., Holocene tidal changes associated with the postglacial sea-level rise in the Tokyo Bay, Eastern Japan, XIX INQUA 2015, 2015.07.
22. Scourse, J., Ward, S., Wainwright, A., Uehara, K., Sea level, megatides and rapid deglaciation, XIX INQUA 2015, 2015.07.
23. 上原 克人, Impact of postglacial sea-level and coastline changes on tides in East and Southeast Asian seas, CCOP-GSJ/AIST-KIGAM-PKNU DelSEA III Kick-off meeting, 2015.03.
24. Uehara, K., Paleotidal estimates around the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam, 2013 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2014.02.
25. Uehara, K., Relation between oceanic conditions in the South China Sea and water levels within and along the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta, 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, 2013.12.
26. Uehara, K., Tidal Changes in China Seas from millennium to decades, The 7th International Symposium on the East Asia Environmental Problems, 2013.11.
27. Uehara, K., Tidal changes during the last 10,000 years and their relations with bottom features off the southern coast of Korean Peninsula, 2013 Korea-Japan Joint Seminar on Physical Processes in Ocean and Atmosphere, 2013.09.
28. Ishiwa, T., Yokoyama, Y., Uehara, K., Re-visiting the Bonaparte Gulf : reconstructing paleoenvironmental changes during the time into and out of the Last Glacial Maximum, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 10th Annual Meeting , 2013.06.
29. Akiko Tanaka, Katsuto Uehara, Toru Tamura, Yoshiki Saito, Area change detection in river mouthbars at the Mekong River delta using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, 2012 32nd IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS 2012, 2012.12, We propose the use of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) backscatter intensity data as a tool for monitoring coast. ALOS (Advanced Land Observing Satellite) PALSAR (Phased Array type L-band SAR) data are analyzed to investigate the temporal changes in shape and area of mouthbars in the Mekong River distributaries. River mouthbars with strong backscatter, which is surrounded by the water, are successfully extracted using a histogram thresholding algorithm. Estimated areas of river mouthbars gradually increase on an annual time scale. Seasonal variations of areas were also recognized, and they appear to be related to the mean monthly sea level, discharge, and rainfall. Moreover, it is highly likely that tidal height at the time of SAR data acquisition clearly reflect the area of river mouthbar by examining over half-day intervals for ascending and descending images. This study shows that if appropriately calibrated, the SAR data is useful to quantifying long-term changes in river mouthbar..
30. K. Uehara, Palaeotidal modelling: history, current trends, and future computing technologies, Fujitsu Palaeotidal Modelling Workshop, 2012.11.
31. A. Tanaka, K. Uehara, T. Tamura, Y. Saito, Area change detection in river mouthbars at the Mekong River Delta using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2012.07.
32. H.E. Pelling, K. Uehara, J.A.M. Green, Impact of decadal-scale coastal change associated with the rapid economic growth of the northern China on the sea-current system in the Bohai Sea, Planet Under Pressure 2012, 2012.03.
33. K. Uehara, Handling of subgrid scale topographies in an ocean-tide model, 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2012.02.
34. A. Tanaka, K. Uehara, T. Tamura, Y. Saito, Detection of Area Changes in River Mouthbars at the Mekong River Delta using ALOS/PALSAR data, AGU Fall Meeting 2011, 2011.12.
35. K. Uehara, Impact of River-Dyke Construction on Sediment Dispersal off the Mekong River Estuary, Southern Vietnam, LOICZ Open Science Meeting, 2011.09.
36. J. Scourse, S. Neill, K. Uehara, M. Green, Megatides in the glacial North Atlantic and their role in rapid deglaciation, XVIII INQUA Congress, 2011.07.
37. T. Rippeth, J. Scourse, K. Uehara, Impact of sea-level rise over the last deglacial transition on the strength of the continental shelf CO2 Pump, EGU General Assembly 2011, 2011.04.
38. K. Uehara, Seasonal variability of sea levels and waves in the Red and Mekong river deltas, JSPS and CCOP/GSJ/AIST Joint Seminar on Monitoring and Evaluating Coastal Erosion in Deltas, 2010.11.
39. K. Uehara, Wave climate in the Bohai Sea: approaches from the sea, JSPS-OUC-IGG/AIST Open Seminar on Methods of Monitoring and Assessment of Coastal Erosion, 2010.06.
40. J.D. Scourse, T. Rippeth, K. Uehara, S. McKeown, The shelf seas: glacial-interglacial cycles, tidal dynamics and the carbon cycle, 13th Biennial Challenger Conference for Marine Science, 2008.09.
41. Paleotidal environment around the paleo-Changjiang Estuary during the mid-Holocene.
42. K. Uehara, Tidal changes and sediment dynamics on the continental shelves during the last 20,000 years
, Seminar in Ocean University of China, 2006.12.
43. K. Uehara, Monsoon-induced seasonality on the occurrence of sediment-resuspension in the Yellow and East China Seas, Program of the East Asian Cooperative Experiments, the 3rd Ocean Science Workshop, 2006.11.