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LIN WENG Last modified date:2021.04.05

Professor / Math / Department of Mathematics / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Zeta Functions and Their Zeros.
2. 翁 林, Eisenstein periods I,II, Bundles over Surfaces and Eisenstein Periods for Loop Groups, 2014.07.
3. 翁 林, Motivic Euler Product and Its Applications, Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry 2014, 2014.01.
4. 翁 林, Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics for Relative Shafarevich-Tate Groups, 7th China-Japan Seminar on Number Theory, 2013.10.
5. LIN WENG, Global adelic cohomology groups for arithmetic varieties, Pan Asia Number Theory 2013, 2013.07.
6. 翁 林, General Uniformity of Zeta Functions, Global invariants and moduli spaces, 2013.05, [URL].
7. LIN WENG, Higher rank zeta functions and Riemann Hypothesis for elliptic curves, Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry 2013, 2013.01.
8. LIN WENG, Non-abelian Zeta Functions for Elliptic Curves and Their Zeros, 2012 Conference on L Functions, 2012.08, [URL].
9. LIN WENG, Non-Abelian Zeta Functions, p-adic Modular Forms and Arithmetic, 2012.06, [URL].
10. LIN WENG, Tamagawa number conjecture and new zeta functions for Riemann surfaces, Symposium on Arithmetic & Geometry, 2012.06, [URL].
11. Parabolic reduction, stability and volumes of fundamental domains, Automorphic forms and automorphic functions, RIMS, Kyoto Univ (2012.1.19).
12. A construction of zeta functions, Intensive Lectures at Kyoto Univ (2012.11. 28 -12. 2).
13. A local family index theorem in log geometry, Tokyo-Seoul conference in mathematics, Tokyo Univ (2011.12.3).
14. Relative Bott-Chern secondary characteristic classes and arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem, Number Theory and related topics, USTC (2011.6.7).
15. A Construction on Non-Abelian L-Functions, Workshop on L-Functions, Fukuoka, Japan (2011.4.23), [URL].
16. Relative Bott-Chern Secondary Characteristic Classes, Symposium on Complex Geometry, Univ. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2010.7.23).
17. Arithmetic Riemann-Roch and Geometry of Riemann Surfaces, KIAS, S. Korea (2010.6.22).
18. Zeta Functions for (G,P)/Q, [URL].
19. Lin WENG, Stability and Arithmetic, Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics, RIMS, Kyoto University, Dec 11, 2008.
20. Lin WENG, Symmetries and the Riemann Hypothesis, Algebraic Geometry and its new developments, Algebraic Geometry and its recent developments, Kyoto University, Nov 21, 2008.
21. Lin Weng, Symmetries and the Riemann Hypothesis, L-Functions in Arithmetic and Geometry, Muenster, Germany, 06,26, 2008.
22. Lin WENG, Stability in Arithmetic, Complex geometry in Osaka, Japan, 11, 2007.
23. Lin WENG, General Class Field Theory, Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces, Sapporo, Japan, 09,2007, [URL].
24. Lin WENG, General Class Field Theory, Euler 300: Arithmetic Geometry, 06, 2007.
25. Non-Abelian L-Functions, at Conference on L-Functions, Fukuoka, Japan(2006).
26. Non-Abelian L Functions for Number Fields, at Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory, Euler Institure, St Petersberg, Russia (2005).
27. Stability in Arithmetic and Geometry, at Differential Geometry in Tokyo, TIT, Tokyo, Japan (2004).
28. Micro Reciprocity Law, Tannakian Category and Non-abelian Class Field Theory, at Conference on Non-Commutative Number Theory, Durham, UK(2003).
29. Non-abelian zeta functions, , Japan Math. Soc Annual Meeting (Autumn) 2003.
30. Weil-Petersson Metrics, Takhtajan-Zograf Metrics and Their Degenerations, at Complex Geometry in Tokyo, TIT, Tokyo, Japan (2002).
31. New Non-Abelian Zeta Functions, at Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics, RIMS, Kyoto, Japan (2002).
32. New Non-Abelian Zeta Functions, at L Function in Arithmetic, Muenster, Germany, (2002).
33. New Non-Abelian Zeta Functions, at Riemann Hypothesis Conference (2ed), Courant Institute, USA, 2002.
34. Refined Brill-Noether Locus and Non-Abelian Zeta Functions for Elliptic Curves, at Algebraic Geometry in East Asia, Kyoto, Japan (2001).
35. New Local and Global Non-Abelian Zeta Functions for Elliptic Curves, at China-Japan Seminar (2nd), Izuka, Japan (2001).
36. Deligne Pairings over Moduli Spaces of Marked Stable Curves, at 44th Symposium of Algebra, Tokyo Univ, Tokyo(1999).
37. ARAKELOV GEOMETRY AND COMPLEX GEOMETRY(?), Japan Math. Soc Annual Meeting (Spring) 1998.