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TOMOTSUGU WAKASA Last modified date:2021.06.15

Professor / Fundamental Particle Physics / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. Spin observable data for (p,N) and (p,2N) reactions taken at RCNP.
2. Study of in-medium NN interactions by using (p,pN) reactions.
3. WAKASA TOMOTSUGU, Studies of two- and three-nucleon interactions in nuclear reactions, 5th Joint Meeting of the Nuclear Physics Divisions of the APS and the JPS, 23-27 Oct. 2018, Hawaii, U.S.A., 2018.10.
4. WAKASA TOMOTSUGU, Nuclear Spin Physics via Polarization Measurements, The 23rd International Spin Physics Symposium (SPIN2018), Ferrara, Italy, September 2018., 2018.09, One of the primary goals of nuclear physics is to describe nuclei and their dynamics in terms of interactions between nuclear constituents.
In addition, high-precision experimental data and sophisticated theoretical calculations are very important for other research fields such astrophysics and neutrino physics.
In this talk, three topics will be discussed by comparing experimental data with recent sophisticated calculations; three-nucleon force (3NF) effects in few nucleon systems and nuclear medium effects of nucleon-nucleon (NN) interactions, polarization phenomena and spin-isospin responses for the quest for a comprehensive description of nuclei, and applications of nuclear physics data and calculations for nuclear equation-of-state (EOS) and neutrino-less double beta-decay nuclear matrix element (NME)..
5. 若狭 智嗣, Gamow-Teller and Spin-Dipole Resonances and Experimental Methods for Spin Excitations, The 16th CNS International Summer School (CNSSS17), August 2017, Wako, Japan, 2017.08, Gamow-Teller and Spin-Dipole Resonances and Experimental Methods for Spin Excitations.
6. Pionic and Tensor Correlations Studied by High Resolution and Polarization Transfer Measurements.
7. Study of dipole excitation modes via polarization transfer measurements.
8. WAKASA TOMOTSUGU, Decomposing Spin-Dipole Resonances by Complete Polarization Transfer Measurements
, International Conference on Recent Trends in Nuclear Physics" (ICRTNP-2012), 2012.11.
9. WAKASA TOMOTSUGU, Spin-Parity Decomposition of Spin Dipole Resonances and Tensor Interaction Effects
, The 4th international conference on Collective Motion in Nuclei under Extreme Conditions (COMEX4), 2012.10.
10. Future perspectives for precise nuclear physics.
11. Physics with Accelerator Energy Upgrade.
12. Physics with Accelerator Energy Upgrade.
13. Gamow-Teller and Spin-Dipole Transitions Studied by p,n) Polarization Measurements.
14. Pionic and Tensor Correlations on Spin and Isospin Responses.
15. Nuclear Spin Physics via Polarization Measurements.
16. Pions in nuclei studied by isovector nucleon-induced reactions.
17. Complete set of polarization transfer coefficientsw for the 3He(p,n) reaction at 346 MeV and 0 degrees
18. Coherent pion production and spin isospin modes in delta excitation region.
19. Search for Alpha Cluster Condensed State in 16O via 16O(alpha,alpha') Scattering
20. Isovector Effective NN Interaction in 28Si(p,n)28P(6-) at 198 MeV
21. Pionic correlations studied via (p,n) and (p,p') reactions.
22. New capabilities of the Grand raiden spectrometer.
23. Momentum transfer dependence of spin isospin modes in quasielastic region.
24. High resolution study of pionic 0- state in 16O.
25. High resolution study of 0- state in 16O.
26. Gamow-Teller strength in the continuum and quenching problem.