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List of Books
TOMOTSUGU WAKASA Last modified date:2021.06.15

Professor / Fundamental Particle Physics / Department of Physics / Faculty of Sciences

1. 藤原守、江尻宏康、能町正治、若狭智嗣, Proceedings of the Seventh International Topical Conference on Giant Resonances (GR2000), Elsevier Science, 2001.04.
2. 野呂哲夫、坂口治隆、酒井英行、若狭智嗣, Nuclear Responses and Medium Effects, Universal Academy Press, 1999.04.
3. 酒井英行、岡村弘之、若狭智嗣, New Facet of Spin Giant Resonances in Nuclei, World Scientific, 1998.04.