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HIROSHI HOSHINO Last modified date:2021.09.01

Professor / Business and Technology Management / Department of Business and Technology Management / Faculty of Economics

1. 星野 裕志, Market Entry Strategies in Developing Countries -Creating New Methods-, Nepalese Academy of Management, Volume 5, No.1, 60-72,  , 2017.03, Japanese companies are facing pressing issues of shrinking markets as a result of aging society and decreasing population.
The purpose of this research is to analyze methods for entry into new markets, with cases which suggest ways for entry and expansion of business in developing countries, emerging market and BOP market for Japanese companies..
2. HIROSHI HOSHINO, Competition and Collaboration among Container Ports, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics , Vol.26 , No.1, pp 31-47 , 2010.09.
3. 星野裕志, 「Transition from Ethno-centric to Global Operation」, 韓國海運物流学会『海運物流研究』, 第43号 別冊157-181頁, 2004.12.
4. Global Operation under the Ethno-centric Management- A Case of Japanese Tramp Business.
5. 星野裕志, Global Operation under the Ethno-centric Management, The International Association of Maritime Economists Annual Conference 2003, 2003.09.
6. Sogo Shosha, Japanese Trading Firms, Managed by Japanese in Japanese.
7. Global Operations under the Decentralized Organization
8. Strategic Alliance of Bulk Shipping.
9. An Analysis of the Effects of Stakeholders on Corporate Strategies.