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Akira Babazono Last modified date:2023.05.05

Professor / Department of Health Care Administration and Management / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. 窪田 昌行、鹿子生健一、橋口啓子、鹿子生寛子、馬場園 明, 地域包括ケアシステムに資する有床診療所の役割を踏まえた日本型CCRCの研究, 第8回 医療福祉経営マーケティング研究会学術集会, 2018.03.
2. 西巧, 前田俊樹, Akira Babazono, 大腿骨頸部骨折術後の後期高齢者における地域連携診療計画策定が医療資源利用に与える影響の評価, 第54回日本医療・病院管理学会, 2016.09.
3. Visualization model for medical care processes by utilizing Japanese case-mix classification and its application to the variance analysisi of clinical pathway..
4. Circle Drawing Method to Evaluate the Relationship between Patients and Disieases or Patients and Doctors..
5. Healthcare Information System Provided by Patients and Doctors.
6. Estimation of prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrom among Kyushu University students.
7. The relationship between changes in mental health, eating habits and physical fittness.
8. The relationship of changes in mental health by health promotion program preventing life-style related diseases with indicators of health care costs.
9. Comparison of effects of autogenic training and body work to a group of children who are suffering from anxiety and /or somatic symptoms.
10. The effect of health promotion program preventing life-style related diseases on health care costs.
11. The study on validity of intake energy estimation by the food intake questionnaire "Well".
12. Individual Health Promotion Program applying the theory of Home Based Health Promotion Programa.
13. Indicaors to quantify sleeping rhythm for babies from birth to 24th week.
14. The creation and the evaluation of Welcome Home Based Health Promotion Progrm -Practice of supporting program preventing obesity-.
15. Life style intervention program for obesity students - Welcome Home Based Intervention Program-.
16. The idea and the practice of Home Based Health Promotion.
17. The relationship between subjective stress and an occurrence of disease.
18. The validity study on personal vegetable intake by a vegetable cup check.
19. The effect of lipid-lowering therapy on total mortality among Japanese.
20. The hint of prevention program from life-style related diseases as a function of the insures -The relationship between mental health and health behavior-.
21. The relationship between mental health and medical service demand.
22. The health promotion program (UMI Model) as an application of Home based health promoition.
23. The effect of health promotion program (UMI Model) on blood pressure.
24. The relationship between obese university students and their lifestyle.
25. Medical service problems and prevention programs on diabetes mellitus.
26. Does the stress management prevent from depression in a workplace? The result from randomized controlled study..
27. The relationship between smoking habits and medical costs related to hypertension among the insured of an employee health insurance.
28. The relationship between resources by long-term care insurance and death places.
29. Medical costs of male insured in a health insurance society by smoking status.
30. Comparative study on health status by health counseling in small sized workplaces.
31. The study on geographical difference of perinatal mortality in Japan.
32. The increase of female medical doctors and dissimilarity index.
33. The relationship between acute coronary syndrome and Helicobacter Pylori infection.
34. Long-term intervention study on young and middle aged workers (No 13) - Risk assessment between intervention and control groups-.
35. The study on the effect of 30% copayments introduction on medical service demands in Employed Health Insurance Society.
36. The relationship between questionnaire survey results on admission and risk of drop-outs.
37. The factors influencing participation on health promotion program for obesity.
38. The relationship between obesity and life-style among male college students.
39. Causal inference in epidemiology.
40. The effect of increase in copayments on medical service demands in Health Insurance.
41. Occupational cancer, initiation and promotion.
42. Follow-up study on the relationship between occupational stress and mental health.
43. The development, reliability and validity of Social Support Scales for Admitted Patients.
44. The effect of ten percent copayments introduction on medical service demands of patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus in Elderly Health Care System.
45. The comparative study between ECG and USG findings of fresh college students with common cold.
46. The study on life-style on obese college students.
47. The effect of increase in copayments on medical demand indicators for those with hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
48. The effect of increase in copayments on medical service demands for those with hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
49. Causal Inference in Medicine.
50. The study on QOL among college students(2); Development and survey results of the QOL inventory.
51. The population Study on body fat among college students.
52. The study on blood pressure among college students (6); The effect of bias by repeating measurement.
53. ECG findings relating common cold in annual health examination.
54. The relationship between body fat, BMI and blood pressure.
55. The effect of 20% copayments introduction in Health Insurance Societies.
56. Theoretical approach to health promotion program relating to Akuadome in Munakata.
57. Body fat measurement in annual student health examination.
58. Causal inference in medicine.
59. The effect of health seminar on life-style of people with hyperlipidemia as health counseling after annual health examination.
60. The effect of health seminar as health outpatient clinic on lipid metabolism of those with hyperlipidemia.
61. CTR, other clinical findings and lifestyle among college students (2).
62. The study on QOL among college students(1); Development of QOL inventory.
63. The validity study on items of Health Promotion Package.
64. The study on QOL among college students(1); Development of QOL inventory.
65. Recovery from mental ill health in an occupational setting: A cohort study in Japan.
66. Changes in mental health among undergraduate fresh men and women by Health Promotion Package.
67. The factors influencing mental health in a workplace.
68. CTR, other clinical findings and life-style among college students.
69. Chronological changes in health condition - comparison in first year and fourth year-.
70. Mediastinal emphysema caused by orientation ceremony for college student dormitory.
71. Evidence base medicine in public health policy.
72. Case-control study concerning the relationship among silica exposure, pneumoconiosis and lung cancer.
73. Medical evaluation of clinical criteria of "Minamata" diseases.
74. Psychological and medical counseling for students by Health Promotion Package.
75. The Effect of a Redistribution System for Elderly Health Care on the Finance Performance of Health Insurance Societies in Japan.
76. The effect of changes in subjective stress on mental health in a work place.
77. The study on needs for health promotion by health promotion package.