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List of Books
Akira Babazono Last modified date:2022.04.21

Professor / Department of Health Care Administration and Management / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Home Based Health Promotion for Metabolic Syndrome.
2. Kame C, Babazono A, Mosby’s Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment, Fourth edition, Elseiver, 360-364, 2007.09.
3. Chanses and bias, Controlling counfounders.
4. Supporting Mental development, Ando N, Mitudome A, Babazono A, et al, Keiou-gizyuku-syuppan..
5. Introduction to Health Promotion, Kumagai S, Adachi T, Babazono A, et al, Kita-ooji-syuppan.
6. Epidemiology for Public Health Activities, Yanagawa H, Nakamura K, Kodama K, Miura Y, Babazono A, et al, Japanese Society for Public Health.
7. Tsuda T, Mino Y, Babazono A, Shigemi J, Otsu T, Yamamoto E, Advances in the Prevention of Occupational Respiratory Disease, Elseivier, 1998.01.
8. Health Science; Psychology and Physiology、Yamada H, Babazono A, Uezono K, et al, Nishinipponn Shinbun.
9. Introduction to Health Science, Yamada H, Babazono A, Uezono K, et al.
10. Tsuda T, Babazono A, Mino Y, Ogawa T, Kishi Y, Aoyama H, Epidemiological studies of cancer in arsenic poisoning patients, edited by Cheremisinoff PN, Encyclopedia of Environmental Control Technology, Gulf Publishing Company, 343-357, 1994.04.