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List of Books
Kazuto (Real name: Kazuo) Misumi Last modified date:2023.03.22

Professor / Social Change / Department of Social Studies / Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies

1. Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sociology.
2. New Course for Certified Social Worker and Psychiatric Social Worker 3: Sociology and Social System, Chuo-hoki, 2021 (in Japanese)..
3. Social Capital: Challenge of Theory Synthesizing in Sociology (in Japanese)..
4. Values and Attitudes in A Time of Destabilization (Contemporary Stratified Society 3) (in Japanese)..
5. Introductory Qualitative Social Inquiry: Technical Approach (in Japanese)..
6. New Course for Certified Social Worker 3 Social Theory and Social System, Chuo-hoki, 2009 (in Japanese)..
7. Kazuto Misumi, A Formal Theory of Roles, Hana-Syoin, 2007.03.
8. Kazuto Misumi and Kenji Kosaka (eds.), Symbolic Device: Formal Approaches to Meaning, Keiso-shobo, 2005 (in Japanese)..
9. Kazuto Misumi (ed.), Neoclassical Theorizing in Sociology: Formal Approaches, Keiso-shobo, 2004 (in Japanese)..
10. Gaku Doba et al.(eds.), Understanding Society with models: Invitation to Mathematical Sociology, Keiso-shobo, 2004 (in Japanese)..
11. Nobuo Kanomata et al.(eds.), Qualitative Comparative Research: Boolean Approach, Minerva-shobo, 2001 (in Japanese)..
12. Mamoru Funatsu (ed.), Trends of American Sociology, Koseisha-Koseikaku, 2001 (in Japanese)..
13. Katsuhiko Yoshime and Kazuto Misumi (eds.), The State of Theoretical Sociology, Minerva-shobo, 2000 (in Japanese)..
14. Junichi Kobayashi, Kazuto Misumi, Toru Hirata, and Koji Matsuda, Social Mechanisms [2nd edition], Nakanishiya, 2000 (in Japanese)..
15. Hiroshi Suzuki et al (eds.), Planning Towns: Practices and Ideas, Kyushu Universities Press, 1997 (in Japanese)..
16. Bradley,I. and R.L.Meek (Translated by Kobayashi,J. and K.Misumi), Matrices and Society: Matrix Algebra and Its Applications in the Social Sciences, Kyushu University Press, 1992 (revised in 1996)..
17. Hiroshi Suzuki, Kenji Kinoshita, Toshio Tomoeda, and Kazuto Misumi (eds.), Sociology and the Society Today, Koseisha-Koseikaku, 1993 (in Japanese)..
18. Hiroshi Suzuki (ed.), Reading Modern Urbanization, Minerva-shobo, 1992 (in Japanese)..
19. Hiroshi Hiramatsu (ed.), Social Networks, Fukumura-shuppan, 1990 (in Japanese)..
20. Junsuke Hara (ed.), Stratification Structure in Modern Japan Vol.2: Recognition and Evaluation, Tokyo University Press, 1990 (in Japanese)..
21. Michio Umino, Junsuke Hara, and Shuichi Wada (eds.), Development of Mathematical Sociology, Suri-Shakaigaku kenkyukai, 1988 (in Japanese and English)..
22. Hiroshi Suzuki (ed.), Reading Modern Society, Minerva Shobo, 1987..
23. James F.Short, Jr. (ed.) (translated by Shakaibunseki Gakkai), The State of Sociology, Koseisha-Koseikaku, 1986..
24. Suri-Shakaigaku Kenkyukai (ed.), The State of Mathematical Sociology, Suri-Shakaigaku Kenkyukai, 1985 (in Japanese and English)..