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Ishikawa Kunio Last modified date:2024.06.03

Professor / Oral Rehabilitation / Department of Dental Science / Faculty of Dental Science

1. Koichiro Hayashi, Masaya Shimabukuro, Ryo Kishida, Akira Tsuchiya, Kunio Ishikawa, Structurally optimized honeycomb scaffolds with outstanding ability for vertical bone augmentation, Journal of Advanced Research, 10.1016/j.jare.2021.12.010, Vol.41, pp.101-112, 2022.11.
2. Koichiro Hayashi, Toshiki Yanagisawa, Masaya Shimabukuro, Ryo Kishida, Kunio Ishikawa, Granular honeycomb scaffolds composed of carbonate apatite for simultaneous intra- and inter-granular osteogenesis and angiogenesis, Materials Today Bio, 10.1016/j.mtbio.2022.100247, Vol.14, p.100247, 2022.03.
3. Surface functionalization with copper endows carbonate apatite honeycomb scaffold with antibacterial, proangiogenic, and pro-osteogenic activities.
4. Pery Freitas, Ryo Kishida, Koichiro Hayashi, Akira Tsuchiya, Masaya Shimabukuro, Kunio Ishikawa, Fabrication and histological evaluation of porous carbonate apatite blocks using disodium hydrogen phosphate crystals as a porogen and phosphatization accelerator, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 10.1002/jbm.a.37374, Vol.110, pp.1278-1290, 2022.02.
5. Fabrication of vaterite blocks from a calcium hydroxide compact.
6. Masaya Shimabukuro, Koichiro Hayashi, Ryo Kishida, Akira Tsuchiya, Kunio Ishikawa, No-Observed-Effect Level of Silver Phosphate in Carbonate Apatite Artificial Bone on Initial Bone Regeneration, ACS Infectious Diseases, 10.1021/acsinfecdis.1c00480, Vol.8, No.1, pp.159-169, 2022.01.
7. Kunio Ishikawa, Tya Indah Arifta, Koichiro Hayashi, Kanji Tsuru, Fabrication and evaluation of interconnected porous carbonate apatite from alpha tricalcium phosphate spheres, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials, 10.1002/jbm.b.34117, Vol.107, No.2, pp.269-277, 2021.02, Carbonate apatite (CO 3 Ap) blocks have attracted considerable attention as an artificial bone substitute material because CO 3 Ap is a component of and shares properties with bone, including high osteoconductivity and replacement by bone similar to autografts. In this study, we fabricated an interconnected porous CO 3 Ap block using α-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) spheres and evaluated the tissue response to this material in a rabbit tibial bone defect model. Interconnected porous α-TCP, the precursor of interconnected porous CO 3 Ap, could not be fabricated directly by sintering α-TCP spheres. It was therefore made via a setting reaction with α-TCP spheres, yielding interconnected porous calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite that was subjected to heat treatment. Immersing the interconnected porous α-TCP in Na–CO 3 –PO 4 solution produced CO 3 Ap, which retained the interconnected porous structure after the dissolution–precipitation reaction. The diametral tensile strength and porosity of the porous CO 3 Ap were 1.8 ± 0.4 MPa and 55% ± 3.2%, respectively. Both porous and dense (control) CO 3 Ap showed excellent tissue response and good osteoconductivity. At 4 weeks after surgery, approximately 15% ± 4.9% of the tibial bone defect was filled with new bone when reconstruction was performed using porous CO 3 Ap; this amount was five times greater than that obtained with dense CO 3 Ap. At 12 weeks after surgery, for porous CO 3 Ap, approximately 47% of the defect was filled with new bone as compared to 16% for dense CO 3 Ap. Thus, the interconnected porous CO 3 Ap block is a promising artificial bone substitute material for the treatment of bone defects caused by large fractures or bone tumor resection. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Biomed Mater Res Part B: Appl Biomater, 107B: 269–277, 2019..
8. Kunio Ishikawa, Edita Garskaite, Aivaras Kareiva, Sol–gel synthesis of calcium phosphate-based biomaterials—A review of environmentally benign, simple, and effective synthesis routes., Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology , volume 94, pages551–572(2020), 2020.02.
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