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Takahiko Horiuchi Last modified date:2022.08.05

Professor / Kyushu University Hospital

1. Maeda T, Horiuchi T, Makino N, Chromosomal terminal methylation status is associated with gut microbiotic alterations, Mol. Cell. Biochem., 476, 1, 157-163, 2021.01.
2. Hashimura C, Kiyohara C, Fukushi J-I, Hirose T, Ohsawa I, Tahira T, Horiuchi T, Clinical and genetic features of hereditary angioedema with and without C1-inhibitor (C1-INH) deficiency in Japan., Allergy, 10.1111/all.15034, 76, 11, 3529-3534, 2021.11.
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5. Higuchi Y, Niidome T, Miyamoto Y, Komohara Y, Tokunou T, Kubota T, Horiuchi T, Accumulation of gold nano-rods in the failing heart of transgenic mice with the cardiac specific expression of TNF-alpha, Heart Vessels, 34, 3, 538-544, 2019.04.
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17. Mitoma H, Horiuchi T, Tsukamoto H, Tamimoto Y, Kimoto Y, Uchino A, To K, Harashima S, Hatta N, Harada M : , Mechanisms for cytotoxic effects of anti-TNF agents on transmembrane TNF-expressing cells: comparison among infliximab, etanercept and adalimumab.
, Arthritis Rheum , 58(5): 1248-1257, 2008
, 2008.05.
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