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List of Books
Masahiro MOTOKANE Last modified date:2023.11.22

Professor / Educational and Social Planning Studies / Department of Education / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Essentials of the Educational System~Looking for the Fundamental Principles in Diverse System~.
2. Essentials of the Curriculum Management: A guide to understanding the new Courses of Study.
3. Masahiro Motokane (author and editor), “Essence of Extra Activities”
Hanashoin (publishing co.) 2013.09
4. Masahiro Motokane (author and editor), “Essence of Educational Laws”, Hanashoin, 2012.04.
5. Masahiro Montokane (author and editor), “Working Techniques of Principals –Wisdom and Knack to Proceed with Job”, Education Development Research Center, 2012.02.
6. Masahiro Motokane (Single author), “Requirements to be a School Leaders of the Next Generation”, Gyousei (publishing co.) 2010.04.
7. Motokane Masahiro and others, “Structure and Tasks of Modern Educational Registration” (Chapter 8, ‘Development and Tasks of Textbook Registration’), Colere Ltd. (publishing co.) pp.115-127, 2010.10.
8. Koji Yamada (author and editor ) and 15 others (shared writing), “Pave the Way to the Education of the 21th Century (Support for the Education in Community by Department of Education)”, Nishinippon Shinbun-sha (newspaper), 227 pages in total, pp.118-210, in charge, 2009.08.
9. Takashi Yamagiwa, Toshiya Chichibu, Masahiro Motokane, others
“Guide Book for 30 Hours for the Renewal of Teacher’s License –Contents of Lecture of Reference and Guide to Completion of Course (I, Chapter 4-2, ‘Crisis Management of School), Meijitosho (publishing co.) pp. 181-189, 2008.12.
10. Kenji Matsushima (editor) and 47 others (shared writing), “Handbook for Vice-principal’s Practice” Chapter 2, Section 1, pp. 34-37, 2007.08 .
11. Sawako Yufu (editor and author), sharing writing by four in total, “Teachers at Turning Point”, Chapter 5 (pp. 78-92), Chapter 1 (pp. 166-177), 2007.04.
12. Haruo Sato (supervising editor), School Management Practice Study Group and eight others (editors and authors), “Educational Laws ‘Kaitaishinnsho’, Toyokan Shuppansha (publishing co.), Chapter 03/Law 4 (pp. 62-63, Law 5 (pp. 64-65), Law 14 (pp. 86-87), 2007.04.
13. Co-editing with Tomoo Tani, writing with 12 other authors, “If You do This, You can Improve your Scholastic Ability” Gyousei, “Chapter 1, School management to Plan to Improve Basic Scholastic Achievement” pp. 2-18, 2006.06.
14. Osamu Yaozaka (editor and author), 18 others, “Teachers’ Personnel Evaluation and Professional Development”, Kazama Shobo (publishing co.) Chapter 15, Characteristics of Personnel Evaluation for School Administrators and Professional Development”.
15. Hayo Masaaki, Tadashi Yuki, Yaichi Wakai (editors), 32 others, “Handbook for the Compendium of Laws for School”, Kyodoshuppan (publishing co), 2004.03.
16. Kazukiyo Kono (editor) and writing by 23 others, “Comprehensive Research on the Construction of Autonomous School Management under Decentralization”
Taga Shuppan (publishing co.), Osamu Yao and Masahiro Motokane ‘Chapter 17, Personnel Management and Autonomous School Management’, pp. 353-373, 2004.03.
17. Masahiro Motokane and four others as editors and writing by 19 others, “School Improvement in the 21th century – Reconstruction of Strategy”, Essays on the Celebration of the Retirement of Professor Takeaki Nakatome, Dai-ichi Hoki (publishing co.) ‘Part IV, Chapter 3, Development of Program for Personnel Management of Principal for the Improvement of School’, pp. 314-327, 2003.01.
18. Takeaki Nakatome (editor and author) and 16 others, “Hours for Comprehensive Studies” to Overcome Difficulties – Key Points for Success, Gyousei, Part 3, Chapter 3, Viewpoint and Strategy of Opened School – Case Analysis of Elementary School, pp. 176-284, 2002.10.
19. Japanese Association for the Study of Educational Administration (Hiromichi Kojima, Tatsuo Sakaki, Hidekazu Sako (editors) and 13 others, “Educational Administration Vol. 2, Autonomous School Administration and Educational Administration”, Tamagawa University Press, pp. 226-239, 2000.12.
20. Toshitaka Okato, Takashi Hayashi, Hiroshi Soyoda (editors) and 56 others, ‘Basic Knowledge of School Administration Key Terms 300’”, Meijitosho, ‘Hours of Comprehensive Studies’ and ‘Sound Development of Pupils and Students’ were written by writing sharing, 2000.07.
21. Osamu Kanda, Masashi Kaneko (editors and authors) and 56 others, “New Dictionary for Educational Laws”, Hokuju Suppan (publishing co.), ‘Administrative Position’, ‘Regulation for Education Board’”, ‘Training of School Personnel’, ‘Guarantee of School Personnel Status’, ‘Vice-principal’, ‘Performance Review’, ‘Principal’ and “System under which Schoolteachers are Assigned Additional Administrative Duties” were written by writing sharing 1999.11.
22. Haruo Sato (editor) and written by nine others, How to depict the school administration connecting community and household and the structure of new community school, Toyokan Shuppansha (publishing co.), pp. 111-135, Chapter 5 “School Administration utilizing educational resource in community”, 1999.03.