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Toshiko Nonomura Last modified date:2021.09.12

Professor / Educational and Social Plannning Studies / Department of Education / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Review Essay: Gender and its vulnerebility and historicalization.
2. Education and Gender in history: The archeology of the question,'How to live' and gender.
3. Cosmology of a 17th Century England Prophetess, Anna Trapnel, a Fifth Monarchy Woman.
4. Body and Motherhood in Early Modern England: Erasmus, New Mother.
5. Women's and Men's Spheres in "Fireside Education" (1998).
6. Relief of Poor Children in 16th century London: The Early Days of Christ's Hospital.
7. A Woman's discourse on "Mother"and "Education" in Antebellum America- Lydia Huntley Sigourney, "Letters to Mothers", 1838 (1999).
8. 'Motherhood' in 19th Century America: Catharine Esther Beecher, "Woman's Profession as Mother and Educator, With Views in Opposition to Woman Suffage", 1872 (2001).
9. The Construction and Paradox of Modern 'Motherhood' in America - 'Affection' / 'Self-government' / 'Woman'(2002).
10. The Transition of Motherhood and Education in Early Modern England: A Review(2004).
11. Spirituality and Mother in Early Modern England.
12. Women's Preaching and Subversion of Cosmology in 17th Century England: Two Pamphlets attacking on Women Preachers
13. The World of a female teacher, counselor, and curer in 17th century England:
Reports of Anne Bodenham’s Witchcraft.
14. The Social Context of Invention of Education for Poor Children: Richard Grafton's Relationship with the Authorities in Early Days of Christ's Hospital.