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List of Reports
ZHAO SHICHEN Last modified dateļ¼š2024.06.03

Professor / Architecture, Planning and Environmental Engineering / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. A Study on Relations of Location Environment around Stations and the Number of Passengers.
2. The Examination of Reconstruction Feasibility of Condominium Buildings in Fukuoka City.
3. A Study on Historical Community Activities that Utilize Regional Cultural Resources.
4. Study on the Formation and Town Structure of Annexed Area by South Manchuria Railway Company.
5. A Study of Convenience of the Busstops at Where Many Elderly Live.
6. Proposal of a Support Method for Formulating Compact City Planning Based on the City Planning of Portland.
7. Participation Consciousness Study of Neighborhood Associations about Compact City Policy in Portland, US.
8. Proposal of a Design Guideline for Compact City Based on the Urban Structure of Portland.
9. Methods for Urban Regeneration by Street Food Project of Portland.