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List of Reports
TAKASHI KIJIMA Last modified date:2022.06.23

Assistant Professor / Environmental Engineering, Planning and Design Section / Department of Architecture and Urban Design / Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

1. Plane structure and construction time of Kajimine Castle.
2. Re-verification of the construction time and subject of Boushu-hori ditch.
3. The plane view of the Masutomi castle.
4. The real image of the society of the Kanei term which "the accusation incident of the master by Kuriyama Daizenn" tells
- The whereabouts of the traditional samurai idea "own strength and a private battle" which is visible to "Daimyo Kuroda's family feud".
5. Plane structure of the Yunomae castle.
6. Plane structure of Kishidake Castle in Hizen Higashimatsuura
-It is re-verification of evaluation conventionally to the ruins of a Warring States term fortress.
7. History discovery"Modern fortress tale 1"
-"Tachibanayama Castle reconsideration"-The route to dispatching troops to Chosen which remains of Tachibanayama Castle tells.
8. History discovery"Modern fortress tale 2"
-"Kurosaki Castle and Wakamatsu castle"-Revival of the dispute between neighboring-country feudal lords(Daimyo Kuroda and Hosokawa) of the Tokugawa Administration establishment term ".
9. History discovery"Modern fortress tale 3"
-"Shokuho system castle Kokura castle"-Is Tadaoki Hosokawa the "expert" of construction of a castle?.
10. History discovery"Modern fortress tale 4"
-"Tikuzen-Takatori castle"-"Cystal of the suffering in control of the family" of modern times Daimyo Kuroda.
11. Structure of Kohjiro castle and Kohjiro alley.
12. Syokuho system castle "Chikuzen Tachbanayama Castle" built for the Mori family reconstruction.
13. Tuneyosi Castle.
14. One aspect of use method as historical materials of roof tile of castle
〜The excavated roof tile is made a case from Takatori and Masutomi ruins of a castle in DaimyoKurota's territory in Tikuzenn provinces.
15. Hakata Boushu moat by Mr. Kurota that is trump of reorganization strategy
of Hakata.
16. Tuneyosi Castle.
17. Tuneyosi Castle.
18. Tuneyosi Castle.