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List of Papers
Hiroshi Fukagawa Last modified date:2020.07.03

Professor / International Economic Analysis / Department of International Economy and Business / Faculty of Economics

1. Wang Hanwen,Fukagawa, Hiroshi , FTA Negotiation and Future Development among Japan, China and Korea:Focusing on Agricultural Products Trade, The Journal of Korean Economic Studies, Vol.15.2018 Mar. pp.71-87, 2018.03.
2. Wang Hanwen, Hiroshi Fukagawa, Analysis of the Necessity and Feasibility of FTA among Japan, China and Korea——Based on Agricultural Products Trade, The Journal of Korean Economic Studies, 14, 43-68, 2017.03,  日中韓FTAの必要性と実現性について、農産物貿易データを中心に、分析を行った。その結果、日中韓の間の農産物競争力には、一定の格差が存在するものの、段階的な関税政策を採用することにより、その影響を最小限にしうる事が明らかとなった。また、貿易転換効果などにより、日本にとっての、日中韓FTAの必要性と実現可能性は、高まりつつあることが、示された。.
3. Hiroshi Fukagawa, Background of Low Competitiveness in the Korean Agricultural Sector, The Journal of Korean Economic Studies,12., 11-20, 2013.12.
4. Hiroshi Fukagawa, Cross-border Environmental Issues under East Asian Trade Expansion, The Journal of Korean Economic Studies,12, 37-44, 2013.12.
5. Hiroshi Fukagawa, A study on the Role of Japanese Engineers in Korean Industrial Innovation, The Journal of Korean Economic Studies, 11 , 19-29, 2012.12.
6. The Rice Aid to North Korea and the Problems of Surplus Production in South Korea, after the Nuclear Test
- Concerning the Public Stockholding System for Food Security 

7. 深川博史, “Land Ownership and Environmental Agriculture in a Water-supply Protection Area in the Seoul Metropolitan Area”, The APC Journal of Asian-Pacific Studies, No.8, Asian Pacific Center, pp.61-72, March 2001, pp.61-72, 2001.03.
8. Environmental Agriculture and Direct Payment System in Korea.