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Takuya Konno Last modified date:2023.06.13

Associate Professor / Division of Algebra and Geometry / Faculty of Mathematics

1. 今野拓也, On the Satake isomorphism, Automorphic Forms and Number Theory In honor of Professor Tamotsu Ikeda's 60th birthday, 2023.01, 不分岐なp進簡約群の,不分岐Hecke代数を記述する佐武同型の表現論による新証明を与える.鍵となるのはA. BorelによるアフィンHecke代数上の単純加群の記述の岩堀・松本代数への拡張と,p進簡約群のBernstein中心の構造定理である..
2. Takuya Konno, Residual spectrum for reductive groups, The 15th Hakuba Autumn Workshop on Number Theory Automorphic Forms, Special Values of L-Functions, Congruences and Selmer Groups, 2012.10, I give an overview on the search of an explicit description of the discrete spectrum of the automorphic spectrum of classical groups. This includes my own result and those of Moeglin, Kim and others..
3. Endoscopic identities for CAP representations of U(2,2).