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Takuya Konno Last modified dateļ¼š2023.06.13

Associate Professor / Division of Algebra and Geometry / Faculty of Mathematics

1. Takuya KONNO, Local Gross-Prasad conjecture for U(2), Proc. National Inst. Math. Sci., 3, 37-47, 2008.12.
2. Takuya KONNO, Kazuko KONNO, On doubling construction for real unitary dual pairs, Kyushu Journal of Mathematics, Vol.61 No.1 pp. 35-82, 2007.03, [URL].
3. T.Konno, A note on the Langlands classification and irreducibility of induced
representations of $p$-adic groups, Kyushu Jour. Math., 57-2 p383--409, 2003.01.
4. T.Konno, Twisted endoscopy and the generic packet conjecture, Israel J. Math., 10.1007/BF02773167, 129, 253-289, 129,p253--290, 2002.01.