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Takeru Nose Last modified date:2023.04.28

Professor / Division for Experimental Natural Science / Faculty of Arts and Science

1. Naoki Sakamoto, Daiki Tatsubo, Keiji Sato, Keisuke Tomohara, Keitaro Suyama, Iori Maeda, Takeru Nose, Development of liposome-like nanostructures composed of short amphiphilic elastin-like peptides, 第56回ペプチド討論会, 2019.10.
2. Iori Maeda, Miki Kawakami, Suguru Taniguchi, Keitaro Suyama, Takeru Nose, Stability of Phe-containing elastin-like peptides against proteases in digestive organs, 第56回ペプチド討論会, 2019.10.
3. Keitaro Suyama, Mika Mawatari, Daiki Tatsubo, Iori Maeda, Takeru Nose, Concentration dependent coacervation property of nonlinear elastin-derived peptide (FPGVG)n analogs, 第56回ペプチド討論会, 2019.10.
4. Mika Mawatari, Daiki Tastubo, Keitaro Suyama, Iori Maeda, Takeru Nose, Self-association and metal binding properties of novel trimeric analogs of elastin-derived peptide (FPGVG)n, 日本化学会第98春期年会, 2018.03.
5. Keitaro Suyama, Daiki Tatsubo, Iori Maeda, Takeru Nose, The self-assembly properties of elastin-derived (FPGVG)n peptide analogs aiming for development of basic materials as pH- and temperature-responsive hydrogels, 日本化学会第98春期年会, 2018.03.
6. 金子 周平, 大久保 貴史, 劉 暁輝, 松島 綾美, 袈裟丸仁志, 巣山 慶太郎, 野瀬 健, The effects of halogenation of bisphenol A on binding affinity to nuclear receptor ERRγ, 日本化学会第97春期年会, 2017.03.
7. Daiki Tatsubo, Misako Kodama, Keiji Sato, Keitaro Suyama, Iori Maeda, Takeru Nose, Effects of salts and pH on coacervation of short elastin-like peptide (FPGVG)5, 第54回ペプチド討論会, 2016.11.
8. 田坪大来, 巣山 慶太郎, 野瀬 健, Analysis of structural requirement for coacervation property of elastin model peptide dimers, 第53回ペプチド討論会, 2016.10.
9. Hujun Li, Asako Inoue, Suguru Taniguchi, Tomohiko Yukutake, Takeru Nose, Keitaro Suyama, Yasuharu Nakano, Ryohei Maeda, Iori Maeda, Bioactivity and nutritional evaluation of housefly larvae, ACN2015 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition, 2015.05.
10. Shohei Kai, Suguru Taniguchi, Asako Inoue, Tatsuro Harada, Takeru Nose, Iori Maeda, Inhibition of Angiotensin-converting Enzyme by Water-soluble Elastin Prepared with the Alkali Hydrolysis Method
, 2nd International Symposium on Applied Engineering and Sciences (SAES2014), 2014.12.