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List of Presentations
MISAKO MISHIMA Last modified date:2021.06.17

Professor / The Kyushu University Museum

1. MISHIMA Misako, Research activity and specimen collection of Ryozo Kanehira: Based on the material evidences and his personal history, The Fifth Biennial Conference of East Asian Environmental History (EAEH 2019) , 2019.10.
2. Misako Mishima, Material Approach to the Japanese Empire Forestry Using Collections of Kyushu University Museum: An Encounter of Ryozo Kanehira and Rescued Historical Furniture., International Workshops: Empire Forestry Networks and Knowledge Production, 2018.11.
3. Motohiro Miyake, Koji Takada, Izumi Ogata, Shojiro Nishijima, Mai Sakakura, Misako Mishima, Evaluation of the online database system Science Literacy Passport β by relayed workshops, AAAS Annual Meeting, 2015.02, [URL].
4. MISHIMA M, M Nakazawa, T Yahara, Molecular evidence for introgressive hybridization between Rubus grayanus and R. palmatus var. yakumontanus (Rosaceae) in Yakushima Island., the 29th International Horticultural Congress 2014, 2014.08.
5. MISHIMA M, T MATSUMOTO, S TAKANO, O MATSUDA, KOKOPIN App: A Mobile Platform for Biogeography, The 2nd ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Analysis for Ecological Data, 2013.10, [URL].
6. Matsuo K, Tokuda M, Kiritani K, Mishima M, Yukawa J, Comparison of parasitoid communities between insular and mainland populations of Pseudasphondylia neolitseae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in the Izu district, Japan., 7th International Congress of Hymenopterists, 2009.08.
7. Tokuda M, Matsuo K, Yukawa J, Kiritani K, Mishima M, Population decline of Pseudasphondylia neolitseae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on Miyake Island, Japan, due to volcanic eruptions of Mount Oyama and asynchrony with host plant phenology, possibly related to global warming, 5th International Symposium on the Biology of Gall inducing Arthropods,, 2009.08.
8. Matsuo K, Tokuda M, Yukawa J, Kiritani K, Mishima M, Parasitoid community centered upon gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) associated with evergreen trees on volcanic islands, 5th International Symposium on the Biology of Gall inducing Arthropods,, 2009.08.
9. Ecological niche modeling for distribution of apomictic polyploids of Pellionia minima (Urticaceae) in Yakushima Island, Japan.
10. Gall polymorphisms formed on Neolitsea sericea..
11. Differentiation in gall morph prior to gall midge speciation: a case study of gall dimorphism exhibited by Pseudasphondylia neolitseae (Diptera: Cecidomiiydae).
12. The effect of host plant-polyploidization to gall morph..
13. Does Neolitsea sericea have genetic diversity corresponding to the geographical distribution of dimorhic gall made by Pseudasphondylia neolitseae?.
14. Anatomical study of insect gall.
15. Dimorphism of gall type induced by Pseudasphondylia neolitseae on Neolitsea sericea , representing geographic variations in Kyushu.
16. Preinvestigation about the influence of plant polyploidization to the formation and morphological diversity of insect gall..