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Atsushi Takaki Last modified date:2021.06.23

Assistant Professor / Science for Biological Information, Integrative Physiology / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Gene Expression Pattern in Hepatocytes of Oryzias latipes in Brown Algae Extract Containing Water..
2. We investigated moisturizing effect of brown algae extract containing polysaccharides in soap. We measured amount of moisture and ratio of water evaporation in the cuticle before and after immersion of the soap. In results, an addition of brown algae extract can keep the retention of water in the cuticle at least within 10 minutes after cleansing. It may be useful for the care of dry skin. .
3. It is, recently, known that hydrogen molecule inhibits pathological mechanisms of oxidative stress diseases. The study evaluated effects of hydrogen molecules on living objects by quantifying difference in gene expressions of liver cells of medaka exposed to hydrogen gas. The results showed that exposure to hydrogen gas regulated twelve gene expressions. If these gene expressions are studied more profoundly in future studies, a new therapeutic strategy applied hydrogen gas might be addressed..
4. We investigated contents of vitamins and anti-oxidative activities in terms of extracts of young green barley leaves with or without heat treatment. Though vitamin C was decomposed by dry-heat treatment (80℃, 30min), other vitamins and bio-active materials did not decrease. In addition, total anti-oxidative potent was not diminished by wet-heat treatment(90℃, 10min)as well as by dry-heat treatment. .
5. We have investigated oxidative and/or anti-oxidative roles of KEI-GYOKU-KOU using a guanosine-oxidative test to indicate mutagenic or carcinogenic risk (PCT/JP/02085). Results showed KEI-GYOKU-KOU possesses potent anti-oxidative ability against KBrO3-induced oxidation of deoxy-guanosine. .
6. We have addressed oxidative and/or anti-oxidative roles of Coix lacryma-jobi using guanosin-oxidation test which indicates the mutagenic and the carcinogenic risk (PCT/JP01/02085). In results, hot water extract of the grain with outer shell showed a potent anti-oxidative role against KBrO3 -induced oxidation of deoxyguanosine, but that without it did not. All anti-oxidative responses induced by any part of grain were diminished by a pre-incubation in the S9 mix solution. .
7. Exposure of Folmaldehyd induced oxidative and anti-oxidative changes in mice.
8. Evaluation of Tap-water Purifier using Guanosine-oxidation Index.
9. Reductive Change of NaCl Powder Baked with Carbon.
10. Safty and Utility of Herv Tea in Terms of Guanosine-oxidation as a Risk of DNA Oxidative Damages.