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Jinno Shozo Last modified dateļ¼š2024.06.03

Professor / Department of Medicine and Bioregulatory Science / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Potential involvement of perineuronal nets in brain aging: an anatomical point of view In: Colin Martin, Victor Preedy, Rajkumar Rajendram (Ed.) The Neuroscience of Aging 1st Edition, Elsevier, 2021.06.
2. Shozo Jinno, Insights into Aging of the Hippocampus: A View from the Topographic Differentiation, 2015.12.
3. Shozo Jinno, Quantitative assessment of neural architecture of the hippocampus using optical disector. In: P. Mouton (Ed.) Neurostereology : Methods and Applications, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2013.12.
4. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Synaptic stripping and beyond: microglia or astrocyte? Microglia: Biology, Functions and Roles in Disease, 2012.06.