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List of Reports
Shozo Jinno Last modified date:2021.06.23

Professor / Department of Medicine and Bioregulatory Science / Department of Basic Medicine / Faculty of Medical Sciences

1. Jun Yamada, Shozo Jinno, Promotion of synaptogenesis and neural circuit development by
, Ann Transl Med, 2019.09.
2. Shozo Jinno, Aging affects new cell production in the adult hippocampus: a quantitative anatomic review, J Chem Neuroanat, 2015.12.
3. Jinno S, Yamada J, Using comparative anatomy in the axotomy model to identify distinct roles for microglia and astrocytes in synaptic stripping, 2012.01.
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5. JINNO S, Structural organization of long-range GABAergic projection system of the hippocampus, Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 2009.07.
6. Spatial pattern analysis of the functional organization of the brain.
7. Establishment of new research fundamentals in neuroscience by stereology.
8. JINNO S, Kosaka T, Cellular architecture of the mouse hippocampus: a quantitative aspect of chemically defined GABAergic neurons with stereology, Neuroscience Research, 2006.11.
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